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Graduate Student Resources: Family Science

Starting a new graduate program is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming if you don't have the information you need. To make the journey as smooth as possible, we have compiled a list of resources to assist you as you work toward your degree. They range from degree requirement checklists and advice on choosing a mentor to tips on how to complete your dissertation, locate funding opportunities, and prepare for job interviews. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

You may also visit the SPH Graduate Student Resources page and the UMD Graduate School website for more resources.

These forms are available from the Graduate School's Form web page.

  • Thesis and Dissertation Guide
  • FMSC Thesis and Advanced Clinical Paper binding policy
  • Petition for Residency Classification Form
  • Approved Program Form
  • Nomination to the Graduate Faculty Form
  • Nomination of Thesis or Dissertation Committee
  • Application For Graduation
  • Petition For Regulation Waiver
  • Request for Time Extension
  • Request for Transfer or Inclusion of Credit for the Master's Degree
  • Graduate Credit Permission Form
  • Certification of Master's Degree without Thesis
  • Application for Admission to Candidacy
  • Certification of Finances Form Overload Payments for Graduate Students
  • Graduate School Home Page

Forms that can be found in the CFT Handbook

  • IRB Review
  • Application for Diploma Form
  • Nomination of Thesis Committee Form
  • Approved Program Form
  • Final Submission of Thesis and Submission of the Report of the Oral Examining Committee  
  • Certification of Master’s Degree without Thesis