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Graduate Student Ambassadors

Graduate Student Ambassadors represent the diverse School of Public Health student body and strive to inspire, connect with and represent, past, present, and future SPH graduate students.

Graduate student ambassadors are available to answer questions about graduate student life, academic programs and student activities. They are happy to share their own personal experiences as graduate students at UMD-SPH. Feel free to connect with them through their email addresses below.

MHA, Health Administration (Online)

MPH, Biostatistics

MPH and PhD, Environmental Health Sciences

MPH, Health Care Management

MPH, Health Equity

MPH, Health Policy Analysis & Evaluation

MPH, Public Health Practice and Policy (Online)

PhD, Health Services Research

PhD, Maternal and Child Health

Department of Behavioral and Community Health

Collette Kokesh Headshot

Collette Kokesh, MPH ’24 (Behavioral and Community Health)

Hometown: Sisters, Oregon, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Nutrition (health sciences track), Oregon State University (2022)
Full-time Student

I love science! Understanding how powerful food is on our health is fascinating and why I pursued nutrition science. However, my undergraduate education was very clinical. It didn't give me room to fully understand why people didn't have access to what they needed to be healthy and where those disparities come from. I discovered what public health was after working for SNAP-Education in Oregon, and I came to UMD to work for health departments to improve food security and nutrition outcomes of low-income populations in the future. I can talk to you about being a graduate assistant and juggling life, school, and work! Fun fact: I love to cook and run.

LinkedIn: Collette Kokesh

Erica Scott

Erica C. Scott, MPH '24 (Behavioral and Community Health)

Hometown: Washington, D.C., USA
Undergraduate Education: BS, Family Science, University of Maryland College Park (2023)
Part-time Student | BS+MPH Program

Hello everyone! 
My name is Erica Scott, and I am currently a second-year MPH Student in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health. I am originally from the D.C. Metropolitan area, and I absolutely enjoy being a mother, career woman, student, and volunteering. My interest and engagement at UMD include participating in a Vignette Study Research and volunteering. 
Outside of UMD, I volunteer with community leaders to engage in meaningful conversations on policy change, community engagement and legislative change for justice, families and individuals who have been impacted by discrimination, inequities of judicial misconduct, health disparities, social justice, health inequities, and more. 
Please feel free to reach out to me! We are in this together! Welcome to UMD!


Bio Headshot Placeholder

Haja Kumalah, MPH '24 (Behavioral and Community Health)

Undergraduate Education: BS, Family Science, University of Maryland College Park (2023)
Part-time Student | BS+MPH Program


Shayla Stringfield

Shayla Stringfield, MPH '24 (Behavioral and Community Health)

Hometown:  Washington, DC, USA
Undergraduate Education:  BS Family Science, University of Maryland, College Park (2019)
Full-Time Student

Hi! My name is Shayla, and I am a second-year MPH student in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health. Since undergrad, UMD's SPH has always had my heart!
I am a huge advocate for improving health disparities in low-income neighborhoods and understanding the relationship between social determinants of health and poor health outcomes. As a D.C. native, I hope to use my education and knowledge to improve my community. Currently, I work full-time at IMPACT DC, an asthma clinic at Children's National, as a senior clinical research coordinator and asthma educator. 

Feel free to reach out for tips on balancing work and school full-time! :)

LinkedIn: Shayla Stringfield

Tatum Cox

Tatum Cox, MPH ’24 (Behavioral and Community Health)

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Health Sciences, Pre-Clinical Track, University of Central Florida (2021)
Graduate Education: MSM Business Management, Integrated Business Track, University of Central Florida (2022)
Full-time Student

Hi everyone! My name is Tatum, and I am a second-year Behavioral and Community Health MPH student. As a researcher and health behavior enthusiast, I love BCH because it allows me to improve the lives of the communities I live in and care for in a multidisciplinary team. I plan to apply my degree to promote positive maternal and child health and health literacy changes. 

At UMD, I am the Graduate Assistant for the Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support Office in the Clark School, alongside my work as a SPH Ambassador and student. I enjoy reading, hiking, exploring D.C., and watching UMD (and UCF!) sporting events in my spare time.

LinkedIn: Tatum Cox

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Alaa Sharaf

Alaa Sharaf, MPH ’24 (Biostatistics)

Hometown: Egypt
Undergraduate Education: BS in Public Health Science. University of Maryland (2023)
Full-time Student

My name is Alaa, and I am an Epidemiology graduate student at UMD. I am so excited to serve as a student ambassador for SPH. I grew up really interested in women's health and advocacy, so for me, public health always felt like a natural fit. I am specifically interested in reproductive and minority health. My research experiences have centered around these interests, having focused on abortion rights, FGM/C, and humanitarian research. Something I specifically appreciate about the UMD SPH is the faculty. I have met some incredible and kind people in the school who I admire a ton.

LinkedIn: Alaa Sharaf

Candice Owusu Headshot

Candice Owusu, PhD (Epidemiology)

Hometown: Columbia, MD, USA
Undergraduate Education: BSc Psychology, University of Ghana ​​(2018)
Graduate Education: MPH Epidemiology, Indiana University (2021)
Full-time Student

Hi! I’m a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. My research involves investigating risk factors that impact the human vaginal microbiome and associated infectious diseases. Growing up, I had the chance to live both in Ghana and in the US, which enabled me to observe varying risk factors that impact the health of vulnerable populations in these different locations.  Through this, I developed a keen interest in epidemiology and was excited to pursue my PhD at the University of Maryland. Outside of work and class, I enjoy singing, working out, and exploring new destinations. Please feel free to connect and reach out about anything!

LinkedIn: Candice Owusu

Nora Jameson Headshot

Nora (Shayne) Jameson, PhD '27 (Epidemiology)

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia, USA
Undergraduate Education: 
BA Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, PA
BS Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, University of Pittsburgh, PA
Graduate Education:
MS Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, CA
MPH Public Health Practice, Oregon Health and Science University-Portland State University – School of Public Health, OR

Full-time Student


Hi! I'm Nora (they/them). I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. My natural science and clinical research almost ten-year career across my bachelor's, master's in chemistry, and post-masters in Portland left me wanting more ways to be active directly with my community. I volunteered with various organizations in suicide prevention and gun violence prevention. These experiences gave me the words, support, and motivation I needed to attain my MPH and to pursue my PhD. I am excited to continue studying gun violence prevention, now in transgender populations, here with great mentors and teaching opportunities.

LinkedIn: Nora (Shayne) Jameson

Department of Family Science

Lindsay Malick_ Headshot

Lindsay Mallick, PhD ’24 (Maternal and Child Health)

Hometown: Olney, MD, USA
Undergraduate Education: BA Psychology, Coastal Carolina University ​​
Graduate Education: MPH International Health and Development, Tulane University
Full-time Student


Hi, I’m Lindsay! I became passionate about public health while volunteering in the Peace Corps in Mauritania (West Africa). After earning my MPH from Tulane University and while completing an ORISE epidemiology fellowship, I discovered that public health research was the ideal combination both analytic and community-oriented work. I then happily worked as a reproductive, maternal, and newborn health researcher for The Demographic and Health Surveys Program--until I realized I needed and wanted to get my PhD! The warm, family-friendly environment of the Maternal and Child Health Program in the Department of Family Science was a natural fit.

LinkedIn: Lindsay Mallick

Becky Shasha_headshot

Becky Shasha PhD ’25 (Maternal and Child Health)

Hometown: Kumbo, Cameroon
Undergraduate Education: BA Health & Societies, University of Pennsylvania (2015) ​​​​​​
Graduate Education: MPH, University of Pennsylvania (2016)​
Full-time Student

Hi! I’m a second-year PhD student in the maternal and child health program. My research interests include family planning and abortion access, use, and decision-making among women in Africa. I was excited to join the MCH program at UMD SPH because it is nested in an interdisciplinary department and the faculty and students are so welcoming and supportive of everyone’s success. Additionally, I am a graduate teaching assistant for the Global Public Health Scholars program and work as a Program Officer for Jhpiego. Outside of school, I enjoy eating ice cream, dancing and traveling.

LinkedIn: Becky Shasha

Department of Health Policy and Management

Alice Yan

Alice Yan, PhD '27 (Health Services Research)

Hometown: Southern Ontario, Canada (“The Golden Horseshoe”)
Undergraduate Education: BSc, Double Major in Biotechnology and Accounting, Minor in Biology, University of Waterloo (2020)
Graduate Education: MAcc, Accounting, University of Waterloo (2020)
Full-time Student

I’m Alice. I left behind a job in public accounting to build a career in public health. As an accountant, I specialized in tax. Still, I was drawn to the policy aspects of the field more than the business aspects and missed the joys of pursuing scientific inquiry in an academic environment. So, I decided to switch gears towards health research and found my ideal environment at UMD’s SPH. My research interests are in health disparities, program and policy evaluation, public health systems, and social determinants of health. My non-research interests include anime, manga, and music - specifically, piano and clarinet.

LinkedIn: Alice Yan

Headshot - Chu Judy Zhuang

Chu (Judy) Zhuang, PhD ’25 (Health Services Research)

Hometown: Wuhan, China
Undergraduate Education: BS Economics, Math Minor University of Washington, Seattle (2018)
Graduate Education: MHS, Johns Hopkins University (2019)
Full-time Student

Hi! I'm Judy! I moved to the US 9 years ago. The Health Services Research PhD program at UMD was a perfect fit for me since I’ve found faculties specialized in the research and methodology area aligned with my interest. The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the SPH and department really drew me to it. My interest in health services research arose from reading books and my ongoing curiosity to understand the economic and health conditions in children. Working with mentors and peers has been truly rewarding and positive during my time here. I enjoy photography, musicals, yoga and cooking.

LinkedIn: Chu Judy Zhuang

AbduWakeel CyeefDin

AbduWakeel CyeefDin, MHA ’25 (Health Administration)

Hometown: Clovis, New Mexico, USA
Undergraduate Education: BA Psychology, University of New Mexico (2016)
Part-time Student | Online Program

I chose Public Health because of the complex nature and system interconnections with real-world problems that range from society and groups to individuals. I applied to UMD SPH for three primary reasons: the status of the SPH is well known, the academic environment is challenging, and advisors who want to see students succeed. My research interest is understanding how group psychology impacts the organizing and implementation of critical care under challenging environments. I intend to work in the private sector with a focus on medicine. One fact about me, I have a psychology degree but work in engineering.

LinkedIn: AbduWakeel CyeefDin

Sedric White_headshot

Sedric White, MPH ’23 (Health Care Management)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Public Health Science, University of Maryland (2022)
Full-time Student | BS+MPH Program

Hello! My name is Sedric White and I am a second-year MPH student with a concentration in Healthcare Management. I have a strong interest in Mental Health, which attracted me to this program because of the fabulous education and network UMD offers. Also, I studied Public Health Science for my undergraduate education and I felt very connected with and impressed by the Faculty at UMD SPH. This past Summer (2022), I had the privilege of interning with DHHS, working on multiple projects dealing with internal operations and how they can be enhanced. Other activities I enjoy are playing tennis, golf, lifting, and traveling! Please reach out to me with any questions you have! 

LinkedIn: Sedric White

Shweta Kannan

Shweta Kannan, MPH ’24 (Health Care Management)

Hometown: Richmond, VA, USA
Undergraduate Education: B.S. Kinesiology, Virginia Commonwealth University (2019)
Full-time Student

Hello! I'm Shweta, a second-year Public Health grad student at UMD SPH, specializing in Health Care Management. I was born in India and visited often, which fueled my passion for public health as I observed many healthcare disparities during my visits. I am transitioning from VADC Hospital and am eager to join the SPH's planning and evaluation team as a Graduate Assistant. I am also currently gaining experience interning with a mental wellness program! Besides healthcare, my hobbies include singing and experimenting with new cooking recipes.
I look forward to connecting with everyone, and please don't hesitate to reach out!

LinkedIn: Shweta Kannan

Deepti Ghimire

Deepti Ghimire, MPH ’24 (Health Equity)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Public Health Science, University of Maryland (2023)
Full-time Student

Hi! I'm Deepti and I'm a second-year MPH student. I hope to land at the intersection between health equity, global health, and social justice and leverage policy to reduce systemic barriers to health which is what drew me to the Health Equity program. Innovation, opportunities for growth and the sense of community within SPH influenced me to continue my education here at UMD. I'm currently doing a fellowship where I will work with the DHHS to address social and political determinants of health disparities. A fun fact is that I've been skydiving! Please feel free to reach out about anything!

LinkedIn: Deepti Ghimire

Amanda McKinnon

Amanda McKinnon, MPH ’24 (Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation)

Hometown: Gokashō, Shiga, Japan
Undergraduate Education: BS Health Services Administration, University of Central Florida (2021)
Full-time Student

Hey there, I’m Amanda! 
Florida has been my home for most of my life and I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2021. During my last two years at UCF, pandemic-induced challenges sparked a desire to delve deeper into decision-making processes that shape healthcare policies, leading me to pursue an MPH in Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation. I am currently a Clinical Advisory Services Intern at CareFirst. In my downtime, I enjoy being active and exploring new destinations.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or simply want to connect!

LinkedIn: Amanda McKinnon

Dhara Patel

Dhara Patel, MPH ’24 (Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation)

Hometown: Hanover, MD, USA
Undergraduate Education:
B.S. in Biological Sciences: Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Maryland (2022)
B.A. in Public Policy, University of Maryland (2022)
Full-time Student

Hi everyone! My name is Dhara Patel and I am a second-year MPH student in Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation. I was drawn to public health because my interests lie in increasing access to healthcare for marginalized communities and the social determinants of health. Currently, I'm a Science and Health Policy intern at DISCUS. As a recent graduate from UMD, I wanted to continue my education at their SPH. I've also worked in healthcare as a pharmacy technician and medical records specialist. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in healthcare consulting. Outside of classes and work, I enjoy being active through dancing, running, and pilates.
I am looking forward to meeting you all and I am happy to answer any questions you have!

LinkedIn: Dhara Patel

Serena Mlawsky

Serena Mlawsky, MPH ’24 (Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation)

Hometown: Olney, Maryland, USA
Undergraduate Education: BA Political Science; Global Health Certificate, University of Pittsburgh (2021)
Full-time Student

Hi there! My name is Serena, and I chose UMD SPH because of the opportunities, as well as wanting to be back in my home state. I went to the University of Pittsburgh for undergrad, where I studied Political Science and earned a certificate in Global Health. There, I fell in love with the intersection of healthcare, economics, and politics. Additionally, I worked at a reproductive health clinic for a year and a half, which allowed me to see health policies' direct implications on health outcomes. An interesting fact about me is that I love to cook!

LinkedIn: Serena Mlawsky

Kayla Bae

Kayla Bae, MPH ’24 (Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation)

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD, USA
Undergraduate Education: Undergraduate Education: BS Public Health Science, University of Maryland (2023)
Full-time Student | BS+MPH Program

Hi! My name is Kayla, and I am a second-year MPH student in Health Policy through the Accelerated BS+MPH Program. My career interests include women's and pediatric health. After obtaining my MPH, I plan to pursue medical school and use the knowledge I've learned with my public health and health policy background to make me a well-rounded physician.

LinkedIn: Kayla Bae

Liya Mogese

Liya Mogese, MPH ’23 (Public Health Practice and Policy)

Hometown: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Undergraduate Education: BS Microbiology, Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III (2013)
Part-time Student | Online Program

Hello! My name is Liya Mogese and I am a third-year MPH student in the Public Health Practice and Policy program. Originally from Ethiopia, I studied in France on a scholarship program and obtained my BS in Microbiology. After joining my family in Maryland in 2014, I decided to pursue a career in public health to learn more about disease prevention and health promotion. Six years of professional growth from hospitality to legal field went by. I then took an MPH course at UMD in Healthcare Systems, which motivated me to continue my education here. My academic interests include global health, policy, and health disparities. I enjoy painting, playing tennis, and sightseeing in my free time!

LinkedIn: Liya Mogese

Department of Kinesiology

Catherine Springer-Sapp

Catherine Springer-Sapp, PhD ’24 (Kinesiology)

Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Applied Health Science, Messiah College (2017)
Graduate Education: MS Kinesiology, East Carolina University (2019)
Full-time student

My research focuses on understanding the changes that occur to skeletal muscle mitochondria with age. I also research how exercise training can help reduce the negative impacts of aging. I chose UMD's Kinesiology program due to its high research standards and history of esteemed faculty. During my master's, I developed a passion for research and wanted to attend a like-minded university. As a Maryland native who wanted to move close to friends and family, UMD seemed like a perfect fit! When I'm not in lab, I enjoy running, playing board games, and watching Bob's Burgers.

Linkedin: Catherine Springer-Sapp

Samanta Snyder

Samantha Snyder, PhD ’24 (Kinesiology)

Hometown:  Warren, NJ, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland (2019)
Graduate Education: MA Kinesiology, University of Maryland (2021)
Full-time Student


Hi! My name is Sam Snyder, and I'm a PhD student in the Kinesiology department at UMD. My dissertation focuses on differences in knee osteoarthritis biomechanical risk factors between male and female individuals and in developing a framework using custom wearables and machine learning to measure these risk factors outside of a lab setting. I was drawn to the SPH Kinesiology program because of the interdisciplinary approach and public health lens on research. In my free time, I enjoy walking with my dog and running with a local running group.

LinkedIn: Samantha Snyder

Tori Justin

Tori Justin, PhD ’24 (Kinesiology)

Hometown:  Washington, DC, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Kinesiology, University of Maryland School of Public Health (2017)
Graduate Education: MA Kinesiology, University of Maryland School of Public Health (2019)
Full-time Student

While completing my Master’s in Kinesiology, I used qualitative research methodologies to understand how Black women perceived the Body Mass Index (BMI) and how that perception influenced their engagement in physical activity. As I continue as a Doctoral scholar in Physical Cultural Studies my research examines the socio-historical production of knowledge about health and how that knowledge constructs and impacts contemporary understandings of race, gender, and obesity. As being “healthy” is a normalized concept that often goes unquestioned, my research underlines the dynamic nature of the notion of health and its influence on self-identity.


Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health

Emily Healey_Headshot

Emily (Emmie), PhD ’25 (Environmental Health Sciences)

Hometown: Towson, MD, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Environmental Science, University of Maryland (2018); BA Studio Art, University of Maryland (2018);
Graduate Education: MS Marine Biosciences, University of Delaware (2021)
Full-time Student

Hi! I am Emmie Healey. I decided to pursue my PhD in Environmental Health Science with the Maryland Institute of Applied Environmental Health to apply my knowledge of microbiology to the field of human health. My research focuses on laboratory-based water quality testing, but I also engage with homeowners and farmers affected by microbial contaminants. I grew up in Maryland and attended UMD as an undergraduate, so I knew that UMD was the ideal place for me to make an impact. When I am not on campus, I am out walking my dog or learning new recipes for baked goods.

LinkedIn: Emily Healey

Nicole Sieck

Nicole Sieck, PhD '24 (Environmental Health Sciences)

Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ, USA
Undergraduate Education: BS Speech and Hearing Science, Communications minor, Arizona State University (2013)
Graduate Education: Doctor of Audiology (AuD), The University of Texas at Austin (2016)
Full-time Student

Hello! My name is Nicole. I’m a fifth-year PhD candidate in Environmental Health Sciences. I started to become interested in environmental health as an undergraduate and this interest continued to grow in graduate school as I researched the various chemicals we are exposed to and how they can impact health. Having children further inspired me to dive deeper into the science and I realized environmental health is something I am truly passionate about.
Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my 2 kids (preschool and kindergarten), being in nature, and reading.

LinkedIn: Nicole Sieck

Taeilorae Levell-Young_Headshot

Taeilorae Levell-Young, MPH ’24 (Environmental Health Sciences)

Hometown: Ceres, California USA
Undergraduate Education: BA Political Science Minor in Arabic, Howard University (2017)
Part-time Student

I am a proud MPH student at the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health. I am also a Graduate Lab Tech for The WOW lab, which conducts interdisciplinary research around water - analyzing microbial water quality, the most effective ways to communicate about water quality, and the perceptions and behaviors related to water use. My specific interest in the MIEH program was due to my interest in lead, water, and agriculture globally. As an African American/ Indigenous Natchitoches woman, it is important for me to help minorities and lower-income residents to get the best resources within their community and environment. Additionally, I am a Howard University Alum ( HU..U KNOW). For fun, I teach aquaerobics for Eppley Recreation Center, grow microgreens and fish. I also am a luxury Resin Wall Artist.

LinkedIn: Taeilorae Levell-Young

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    LinkedIn: Taylor Palmer
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    LinkedIn: Tyler S. Huddleston
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