About Advising

Academic advising is an ongoing process that helps students clarify their educational and career goals, and then chart a meaningful plan for achieving those goals. Advising is the joint responsibility of the student and the advisor. The advisor assists students in evaluating their degree progress and helps them select appropriate courses and other educational experiences tailored to their personal goals. Ultimately, students are responsible for making decisions, setting and meeting identified goals and published requirements. (Advising Community Group, University of Maryland).

Click HERE to make an appointment with a Department of Behavioral and Community Health undergraduate advisor now.

*Note that advising appointments are typically set up the week before openings are available. If there are no appointments set up for the following week, please check back again.

Walk-In Wednesday Advising: Fall and Spring Semesters from 10:00-12:00

Have a quick question? Come to the Department of Behavioral and Community Health main office (SPH room 1234) during Wednesday walk-in hours and sign up for an advising slot. Walk-in advising slots are 15 minutes each and are reserved for general questions. Students with specific questions about their programmatic progress should schedule an academic advising appointment.


Behavioral and Community Health Advisors:

There are advisors within the Department of Behavioral and Community Health who are available to meet with Community Health majors and prospective majors: Matt Wootten.  Students are not assigned to a specific advisor, and can feel free to schedule an appointment online with Matt at a mutually convenient time. Advising in the Community Health major is not mandatory, but we encourage students to check in with an advisor regularly to ensure that academic requirements are being met appropriately. To make an appointment with Matt, please click on the link above.


Matt Wootten, MA
Office location: SPH Room 1234










It is SPH policy that if a student wishes to bring parents, legal guardians or family members to a meeting with an advisor, faculty member or other School official, this meeting must be scheduled at least 1 business day in advance, and University parties involved must be notified that the student’s parent, legal guardian, or family member will be present at the meeting. The student must also have the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Academic Release Information Form on file with the department.  You may contact an advisor in the department to receive a copy of this form if you want to sign it, or you may print it using the link. See your Community Health Undergraduate Handbook for more information.