Public health addresses complex issues that face the 21st century: the obesity epidemic, aging, health disparities, tobacco and substance use, and much more.  The University of Maryland School of Public Health, located at one of the nation’s lead public research universities, offers a unique breadth of expertise to explore these issues through public health disciplines as well as collaborations with other fields of study, organizations and communities.

Behavioral and Community Health studies the cultural and behavioral factors that influence health in order to develop innovative methods for prevention and treatment.  The department aims to train and cultivate behavioral and community health professionals who understand the theory and practice of public health and are committed to applying this knowledge to tackle current and emerging public health issues.

Master of Public Health, Behavioral and Community Health

Our 45-credit Master of Public Health program offered in person or online provides unmatched opportunities to work across disciplines and will prepare you for the specific career you seek in public health. Students are able to receive both academic training and hands on experience in health program planning, implementation and evaluation as well as public policy analysis and management.  This program ends with students completing a 3 credit project and completing a 4 credit /14 hour a week internship (for students who matriculated prior to Fall 2018 see degree requirements). These are opportunities for the students to practice some of the concepts they have learned in the classroom.

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Doctor of Philosophy, Behavioral and Community Health

Our graduates are prepared to navigate the intersections of research, practice, planning, administration and policy development, and to tackle current and emerging public health issues.  Students are able to develop research skills essential to contributing to the scientific and professional literature in behavioral and community health.  They learn to evaluate the health needs of various populations and acquire the skills to lead community health promotion programs and implement policies.  This degree emphasizes training in specific research skills and the ability to implement theoretical knowledge.

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