The Department of Behavioral and Community Health is an autonomous department within the School of Public Health. The Department offers degrees at the undergraduate level (B.S. in Community Health ), the Masters level (an accredited MPH in Behavioral and Community Health) and the doctoral level (Ph.D. in Behavioral and Community Health). In addition, the department provides a large service program for all University of Maryland students, offering some of the most popular courses on campus like human sexuality, women’s health, and stress management.

Department Mission

As part of the School of Public Health, the Department of Behavioral and Community Health is committed to achieving excellence in both undergraduate and graduate education and training that is specifically focused on developing expertise in individual and community health behavior and promotion.  We aim to achieve this goal through engagement in collaborative, transdisciplinary research, teaching, and service from within a biopsychosocial framework and recognizing the social determinants of health.  We will translate this knowledge into effective, sustainable public health interventions serving the needs of local, national, and global communities.  Consistent with the land grant history of the University of Maryland, we maintain an emphasis on serving and building capacity in our local community and state.

Department Vision

The Department of Behavioral and Community Health will be nationally recognized as a program prominent for its research and scholarship, innovative community service involvement and for the quality of its teaching, mentoring, and training.

Our Faculty

The Department’s faculty is extremely experienced and is comprised of individuals from diverse disciplines with varied subject interests. The faculty’s productivity is prodigious, as evidenced by over 325 published journal articles since 1996, and research funds of over $2.5 million a year since 1997. Departmental faculty also boasts several members with prestigious teaching awards, including a university system-wide Regent’s award for excellence in teaching – the only award winner in this category on campus.

Our Alumni

Graduates from our department's undergraduate, MPH, and PhD programs find employment with local, state and federal health agencies, universities, non-profit health organizations, hospitals, and consulting organizations. The department continues to maintain the highest standards of professional preparation and service, and takes great pride in following the progress and successes of its graduates.