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The Horowitz Center works with Fellows who have recently completed or will soon complete the doctoral degrees. See below for current and past Fellows.

Past Fellows

Erick Tassio, visiting doctoral student of School of Public Health

Before coming to the Center for Health Literacy, Érick Tássio worked as a dentist in Paraíba, Brazil. The visiting doctoral student decided to work at the Center for its dedicated mission on advancing health literacy and its contributions to oral health research. “I selected the Center because it allowed me to share knowledge and gain experience with well-known researchers in the health literacy field as Dr. Alice Horowitz and Dr. Cynthia Baur,” he said.

Tássio worked at the Center for six months as a Pre-Doctoral Fellow. During his time, he collaborated with Dr. Alice Horowitz, a Research Associate Professor. Under her supervision, he wrote a manuscript called, “The impact of oral health literacy and school environment on dental caries among 12-year-old adolescents: A multi-level analysis” for part of his PhD research. He also prepared two scientific posters on oral health literacy.

Daniel Park, staff member of School of Public Health at the University of Maryland

Dr. Park joined us after receiving his doctoral degree in Health Communication from Indiana University. His research interests involve assessing the utility of electronic health and mobile health technologies to promote technology use for those with limited health literacy.

During his time at the Center for Health Literacy, Dr. Park contributed to various digital health literacy and health IT projects, including the HealthyMe/MiSalud smartphone app.