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Certificate, Health Data Analysis (Post-Baccalaureate)

Man analyzing health data

Manage and analyze health data

This certificate consists of quantitative analysis courses that provide students with analytic tools to increase health data analysis skills.

This certificate program will officially start in Summer II 2023.

Perfect for...

  • Working professionals in medical and health institutes who desire to improve their statistical methods and wish to enhance this skill in analyzing data, interpreting results, and reporting findings.

Career Paths

  • Health data analyst
  • Biostatistician
  • Consultant

Program Overview

The Health Data Analysis certificate provides working professional students with the opportunity to learn applied biostatistics including techniques, methods and data management necessary to organize and analyze health data. Health data include national health surveys and data collected from their own projects. It focuses on application of biostatistics in real-world data analysis, not on mathematics and statistic theory.

  1. Describe and apply concepts of probability, random variables, and commonly used statistical probability distributions.
  2. Select appropriate statistical methods to answer research questions relevant to public health research.
  3. Conduct descriptive and inferential statistical analyses that are appropriate to different study designs used in public health research.
  4. Use univariate analytic approaches and multiple regression methods to analyze data.
  5. Use statistical analytical software packages to describe, explore, and summarize data as well as perform statistical procedures.
  6. Demonstrate skills in public health data management.

The Health Data analysis post-baccalaureate certificate will be awarded for the successful completion of the following graduate-level work:

  • EPIB650 Biostatistics I (3 credits)
  • EPIB651 Applied Regression Analysis (3 credits)
  • EPIB660 Analysis of National Health Survey Data (3 credits)
  • EPIB697 Public Health Data Management (3 credits)

Our department will offer the courses necessary to complete the certificate in the order shown below:

  • Year 1-Summer I: EPIB650 Biostatistics I
  • Year 1-Fall: EPIB697 Public Health Data Management
  • Year 2-Spring: EPIB651 Applied Regression Analysis
  • Year 2-Summer I: EPIB660 Analysis of National Health Survey Data

Applicants to the Health Data Analysis certificate program must have completed all of the requirements for a baccalaureate degree prior to their acceptance into the program, with particular emphasis on applicants’ data analytics background.

See the admission criteria for the Certificate, Health Data Analysis