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Undergraduate Advising: Kinesiology

There are a variety of advisors available to assist you with your degree progress and future plans. Kinesiology students are not assigned an advisor, but rather can select an advisor to best meet their needs. Please review the specializations each advisor has to determine who you should meet with. While advising is not mandatory each semester, it is highly encouraged you meet regularly with an advisor. 

Please note that academic advisors are working both in the office and remotely. From August 30, 2021 through September 17, 2021, advisors and are available for appointments via phone and Zoom. At this time, they are not available for in-person meetings on campus. If you have a scheduled appointment with an advisor, directions to begin your appointment with each advisor are viewable below:

  • Polly Sebastian Schurer: Zoom details provided in appointment confirmation
  • Lindsey Winter: call 301-405-8272 
  • Dr. Brown: call 301-405-2503
  • Dr. Klossner: Zoom details provided in appointment confirmation


Polly Sebastian Schurer

Available to assist with: 75+ Mandatory Advising, Transfer Mandatory Advising, Urgent academic situations

Lindsey Winter
Lindsey Winter

Available to assist with: General Advising, 75+ Mandatory Advising, Transfer Mandatory Advising

Woman with dark brown hair and striped black shirt
April Carroll

We are excited to welcome April to our advising team! April will begin offering appointments soon!

If you are a prospective student, you can email April to request an appointment.

Elizabeth Brown
Dr. Elizabeth Brown

Available to assist with: Internships, Career Advising (General and Youth Sports), Physical Education, General Advising

Joanne Klossner, faculty member of the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland
Dr. Joanne Klossner

Available to assist with: Internships, Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, General Advising

Do I have mandatory advising?

KNES students in the following populations are required to schedule an appointment with Lindsey or Polly:

  • First semester freshmen and transfer students are required to meet with a KNES advisor to remove their mandatory advising registration block. You may need to complete an academic plan with the CASA advising office prior to meeting with a KNES advisor.
  • When KNES students reach 75 cumulative credits, they must meet with a departmental advisor to complete their senior audit in order to remove their mandatory advising registration block. A senior audit must be completed prior to registering for KNES497. 
Exception to Policy

Examples of exception to policy include needing a third attempt at a course, withdrawing from a course after the deadline, credit overloads, course time conflicts, and exceeding the total number of repeatable credits. These exceptions are granted in extenuating circumstances, and the students should be prepared to provide adequate detail and documentation to support their request.

Permission to Enroll

Students need to request approval to take courses away from UMD. Once they are enrolled at UMD, Kinesiology students are required to take all major requirements here. General Education courses and electives can be taken away from UMD, but still require approval from CASA. 

Submit an Exception to Policy or Permission to Enroll

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

It is SPH policy that if a student wishes to bring parents, legal guardians or family members to a meeting with an advisor, faculty member, or other School official, this meeting must be scheduled at least one business day in advance, and University parties involved must be notified that the student’s parent, legal guardian, or family member will be present at the meeting. The student must also have the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Academic Release Information Form on file with the department.  You may contact an advisor in the department to receive a copy of this form if you want to sign it, or you may print it using the link. See your Community Health Undergraduate Handbook for more information.

Additional Advising Resources

We support our students in many areas, but we can't be the expert at everything. This means we often refer students to other campus advising services. These services should supplement, not replace, meeting with a KNES advisor. Learn more about specialized advising units below.

Pre-Health Advising

While there is no official "Pre-Health" track, students interested in a variety of Allied Health and Medical fields can receive assistance with: 

  • identifying required courses for their intended graduate program
  • navigating the application process 
  • reviewing admissions requirements 
  • connecting with UMD alumni in allied health and medical programs across the country 
Reed-Yorke Health Profession Advising Office

Career Advising

In collaboration with the University Career Center (UCC), the UCC @ SPH is dedicated to providing industry-specific career services to all SPH students, including:

  • identify and explore career interests
  • search for employment and internships
  • preparing for interviews
  • updating resumes and cover letters
University Career Center @ SPH

University Policy Advising

The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) is the School of Public Health (SPH) advising office. Students should meet with this office if:

  • you are a NCAA student-athlete
  • are on academic probation
  • you are ready to re-enroll after being academically dismissed or have taken a leave of absence
Center for Academic Success and Achievement

Contact Us!

(301) 405-2450

Office: 2351 SPH Building
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm EST