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Undergraduate Student Resources: Kinesiology

From advising to career services, resources are available to make the student experience as productive, supportive and enjoyable as possible. In addition to the items below, Kinesiology students should also explore all SPH student organizations and resources available to them.

Meet our advisors, learn about our advising services, and other advising resources on campus.

View our Advising Services

Learn about eligibility requirements and apply for our departmental Honors program.

Requirements and Application for Honors Program

Connect with other Kinesiology students, participate in community service and social events, and discover what you can do with Kinesiology.

Join KSO!

Learn about research opportunities in the department, School of Public Health, and across campus.

Explore Research Opportunities

Internships are crucial in helping students focus on career options, gain experience, establish professional contacts, and deciding whether a particular field is truly a good fit both professionally and personally. While completing an internship is not a requirement for our degree program, more than 75 percent of students participate in at least one internship.

Internships for Credit

Students majoring in Kinesiology may complete internships as elective credits. Internship courses and opportunities are available during Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter terms.

Internship Courses
  • KNES 289: Adjustable credit (1-3 credits/ semester); Repeatable up to 6 credits
  • KNES 389: Adjustable credit (1-3 credits/ semester); Repeatable up to 6 credits
  • KNES 389K: 3 credits only
  • KNES 498: 3 credits only / semester; Repeatable (content must differ)

For every credit hour, students need to complete 45 hours of time at their internship site:

1 credit = 45 hours
2 credits = 90 hours
3 credits = 135 hours

Registration Process
  1. Select an internship site and a supervisor. Search the internship database, or find an internship with an advisor's guidance, the listserv notices, or one you found on your own.
  2. Submit your application.
  3. Send the Site Supervisor Form.
  4. Meet with an advisor. If you have additional questions, visit this page to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown or Dr. Klossner. 

Note: You will receive an email when you have the permission to register for the internship course.

Deadline: Internships must be added by the end of schedule adjustment of each term.

Search the Internship Database

Requirements & Policies
  • GPA: 2.5 or higher. Students with GPA below 2.5 must receive permission prior registering for an internship course from an advisor.
  • Students may only register for a total of 15 credits of internship courses during the major.
  • KNES internship courses cannot be used to fulfill KNES Upper Level Option requirement.
  • Students are encouraged to complete a variety of internships experiences. Each internship course must represent a unique experience. The same experience at the same site must not be repeated.
  • Important: Kinesiology internships courses are offered to Kinesiology majors. Non-majors must have a faculty in the Kinesiology department as the internship sponsor.
  • Once you have registered for your internship, please make sure to check Canvas/ELMS regularly and submit your daily hour log as well as additional forms as required.