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Jie Chen

Professor, Health Policy and Management

Dr. Chen’s research fields include health care disparities, health care delivery system and policy, behavioral health, aging and economic evaluation. She directs the Hospital And Public health interdisciPlinarY research (HAPPY) Lab which uses a multidisciplinary perspective and involves collaboration with clinical leaders, community partners and organizational decision-makers. Her current research focuses on the integration of healthcare organizations, promoting behavioral health of vulnerable populations and mental health among older adults.

Areas of Interest

Health Care Delivery System; Care Coordination and System Integration; Public Health System; Health Disparities; Mental Health; Aging Health; Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias

Dr. Chen is a health economist and health services researcher. She is the founder and the director of the Hospital And Public health interdisciPlinarY research (HAPPY) Lab. The mission of the lab is to improve multi-sector health care coordination for people with multiple chronic conditions.

Dr. Chen is leading the projects to estimate the impact of public health-integrated health care on health care access (R21MH106813, PI) and identify effective care coordination practices between health care and communities for minority patients with mental illness (R01MD011523, PI) and the aging population with ADRD (R01AG062315, PI). Her research suggested that community collaboration and the Accountable Care Organization that using team-based approaches and financial incentives to promote care coordination have the potential to improve health care quality and reduce disparities.

She is also among the first researchers to estimate the impact of the Affordable Care Act on health care disparities and apply economic decomposition methods to health disparity research to better isolate and quantify the importance of selected factors in explaining the racial and ethnic disparities in health care. She has published over 100 publications to evaluate health care access (e.g., access to primary care) and utilization (e.g., preventive care, mental health care, etc.) among vulnerable populations.

Dr. Chen has 17 years of research experience working with large secondary data sets and claims data and developing, refining, and applying analytical methods. She has been working closely with local health departments, hospitals, and community partners to design, develop and evaluate community interventions.

PhD, 2008

State University of New York, Stony Brook

HLSA711 Health Economics

HLSA712 Advanced Health Economics

2021                           The Leda Amick Wilson Mentoring Award, School of Public Health, University of Maryland

2021                           Outstanding Reviewer for Health Services Research

2019                           40 Under Forty Alumni Honoree, Stony Brook University

2015-2017, 2019        Honoree, University of Maryland Tenth Annual Celebration of Scholarship and Research

2017 - 2019                Nominee, UMD Graduate School’s Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

2017                           Research and Development Award, School of Public Health, University of Maryland

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