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Donations Make Health Literacy a Possibility 

Be a part of improving people's everyday lives by investing in health literacy education and projects. Limited health literacy is a society-wide problem, and the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy is researching and testing ways to increase health literacy. We also educate and train the next generation of leaders who can address health literacy issues. 

Your financial support allows us to inform, educate, research, and advocate about the importance of clearly communicating about health. Everyone benefits – individuals, communities, and society at large – when people are aware and informed about health. The negative consequences of ignoring health literacy are enormous: a less healthy society and a more costly healthcare system.

At the Center, we commit to the principle that everyone deserves understandable and useful health information and services. Your financial contribution will help us put this commitment into action for the benefit of individuals, families, and communities throughout Maryland and the U.S. and across the globe.

You can choose any or all of the Center’s funds:

  1. The general operating fund pays for the day-to-day operations, including research-to- action projects, student trainees, community outreach activities, and professional development opportunities for health workers in the field.
  2. The Rima E. Rudd Fellowship supports doctoral students while researching and writing their dissertations. Dr. Rudd is one of the founders of the health literacy field in the U.S., and she has trained and influenced thousands of students and practitioners around the world. This fellowship honors her contributions and supports the next generation of health literacy leaders.
  3. The Doctoral Recruiting Current Use Graduate Fellowship in Health Literacy was established in June 2022 in honor of Alice M. Horowitz, Ph.D. ’92. This fund provides support for doctoral students studying Health Literacy in the School of Public Health.

If you would to learn more about the Center and request a personal meeting with Dr. Cynthia Baur, Director, please email her at or call (301) 405-0388.