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In the News

Dr. Cynthia Baur, Center Director, is a frequently invited speaker and member of many committees, panels, and workgroups. She brings unique, thoughtful perspectives and advice based on years of federal agency and academic experience. Dr. Baur is committed to public service and information sharing to advance health information equity. COVID-19 media information is on the Pandemic Communication Activities and Products page. Read on for highlights of her other public engagements.


Media coverage of FDA Advisory Committee on over the counter birth control pill access

Dr. Baur was an appointed member of the May 9-10, 2023  FDA Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee and the Obstetrics, Reproductive, and Urologic Drugs Advisory Committee. She was selected for her health literacy expertise. Dr. Baur was quoted in the following media stories on this historic discussion of public information about over the counter access to oral contraception for women.

Washington Post | May 10, 2023

FDA advisers back making birth control pill available over the counter

The Hill | May 10, 2023

FDA advisers endorse over-the-counter birth control pill

Nature News | May 10, 2023

FDA advisers unanimously back over-the-counter birth control pill

School of Public Health namesake Herschel S. Horowitz in black and white
Photo: Herschel S. Horowitz, DDS, MPH (1932-2003)

Our Namesake

The Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy is named to honor the legacy and accomplishments of Dr. Herschel S. Horowitz, scientist, educator, and public health advocate.  Dr. Herschel S. Horowitz believed that researchers must be active members of their communities. He felt they have a responsibility to communicate risks to health, promote methods of maintaining health, generate healthy policies for the community, educate communities and serve as expert witnesses where necessary.

An internationally recognized scientist and dental researcher, Dr. Herschel S. Horowitz was born in Detroit, Michigan and earned his DDS and MPH from the University of Michigan. He was a pioneer in clinical trials, fluoride research and prevention of oral diseases and conditions. While his primary research focus was on dental caries (tooth decay) prevention though the application of different kinds of fluoride and dental sealants he also paved the way for studies of cost-benefit and cost effectiveness and addressed key issues related to scientific research ethics. He wrote with passion and candor and had a high moral commitment to his field and the communities he served.  He was a major advocate for community water fluoridation and dedicated substantial time in the United States and abroad elucidating its health benefits to a variety of audiences.

Immediately after graduating from dental school Dr. Horowitz served in the US Army in Japan as a clinical dentist. Upon his return he provided dental care for the City of Detroit public programs before beginning his MPH program. Upon completion of his MPH he joined the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps where he began his career in dental research ultimately achieving the rank of Captain. He spent most of his career at the National Institute of Dental Research (now National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Health), National Institutes of Health where he led a team of clinical and behavioral science researchers. Dr. Horowitz authored and co-authored more than 200 scientific publications and book chapters; was a Diplomat of the American Board of Dental Public Health and later served as its President; and earned numerous U.S. Public Health Service and professional association awards.

Center Overview

Video introduction about the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy.
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