Welcome newly admitted School of Public Health students! 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you get started at the University of Maryland. Our advisors will work with you at orientation to get you registered for courses and introduce you to all the great resources in the School of Public Health. 

Before getting started please make sure you have first confirmed your admission to the University of Maryland. Once you have completed that step you can proceed to the following:

1. Register for an Orientation Date

All newly admitted students must attend a mandatory orientation before being able to register for classes. Students can register for an orientation by visiting the Orientation Office website. Orientation dates have space limitations and are filled on a first-come first-served basis, so register for an orientation program as soon as you confirm your admission!


2. Properly Prepare for the Orientation Session

3. Review List of Items to Bring to Orientation

  • A copy of any AP/IB scores that are not currently showing on your unofficial UMD transcript.
  • A copy of your transcript from other colleges/universities showing any coursework not currently on your unofficial UMD transcript.
  • Pen and paper for taking notes and personal electronic device, if desired. 

Orientation FAQ

I already have credit for math (AP/IB or transfer) do I still have to take the Math Placement Exam? 

YES. Sometimes errors or unexpected outcomes can occur with incoming math credit - maybe it hasn't posted to your UMD transcript yet, maybe it isn't coming in as the course you expected, etc. - so it is important that you complete the Math Placement Exam. Additionally, UMD will honor the higher place option.

Ex: For our majors that require foundational science courses (Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, Microbiology, etc.) you must be eligible to take Calculus in order to enroll. If your incoming math credit only counts for Elementary Math BUT you take the Math Placement Test and place at the Calculus level you can enroll in the science courses. If you did not take the exam you would not be able to take the science courses until completing Pre-Calc College Algebra at UMD. 

I'm coming to a one-day orientation (Transfer or Late Orientation) how long will I be on campus?

Our one-day programs, for Transfer Students or Late Orientation Programs, run until 3:30pm. You should make plans to be here until that time, whether that means taking time off of work or coordinating travel arrangements. You will have access to both School of Public Health and departmental advisors in the afternoon to ensure you register for classes and draft your Academic Plan - both of which are required of you at orientation. 

Can my parent/spouse/friend hang out with me at orientation?

Parents/spouses/friends may be able to accompany you to morning programming conducted by the New Student Orientation office, but they cannot accompany you to the college/department portion or during registration. The New Student Orientation office have an alternative program for parents and families while students are learning about their majors and registering. 

For more information please contact Taylor Sanders at tsander5@umd.edu