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Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

Graduates attending the SPH Commencement Ceremony at the University of Maryland

Our Vision

Physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all people throughout our local and global communities.

SPH Building, Front Entrance in red

Our Mission

To promote and protect the health and well-being of the diverse communities throughout Maryland, the nation, and the world through leadership and collaboration in interdisciplinary education, research, practice, and public policy.

2018-2023 Strategic Plan Document

Our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Building on a historical perspective and the state of current affairs, our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan outlines the major goals and initiatives that will direct our efforts and support our mission as the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest public school of public health at a leading land grant research university.

Read the UMD School of Public health 2018—2023 Strategic Plan.

SPH Student working under the microscope

Our Values

The School is committed to a set of core values that guide our work, our engagement with one another, and our service to communities and stakeholders.

  • A commitment to integrity, respect, and the ethical principles of public health practice
  • The pursuit of discovery
  • Innovation in our thinking and actions
  • A dedication to social justice
  • The achievement of health equity, elimination of health disparities, and attainment of health literacy
  • Honoring the principles of diversity and inclusion
  • Social responsibility as central in our actions
  • Sustainability as a core principle in our work
  • A celebration of lifelong learning
SPH Faculty and Staff attending the MD Center for Health Equity Building Trust Workshop

Our Goals

Goal 1: Develop and mentor the next generation of public health leaders.
Goal 2: Lead and translate innovative research into real world public health solutions. 
Goal 3: Create and grow sustainable partnerships that engage communities. 
Goal 4: Accelerate and transform the school's role as an innovative leader.
Goal 5: Foster and invest in a culture of excellence.