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Degrees and Programs: Kinesiology

Kinesiology student Patrick Mullins '13 gets tested for VO2 max on treadmill

BS, Kinesiology

The Kinesiology major provides a well-rounded, scholarly understanding of the body of knowledge that is centered on human movement and physical activity. Students develop an understanding of how human movement occurs, the factors that directly or indirectly influence movement, and the benefits of a movement-oriented lifestyle.

Man who has prosthetic leg jumping off a rock

MA, Kinesiology

The Master of Arts in Kinesiology prepares the next generation of researchers, scholars, teachers, and professional leaders in the interdisciplinary field of kinesiology. Students can focus their course of study in one of several areas, including cognitive motor neuroscience, exercise physiology and physical cultural studies.

Family of 4 running in a sunny day

MPH, Physical Activity

The MPH in Physical Activity prepares students for careers that involve integrating physical activity into public health practice at various levels. Learn how to develop physical activity interventions that can help promote health, prevent chronic disease and prolong active lives. 


Robot used in neuromotor studies in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland

PhD, Kinesiology

The doctoral program prepares outstanding scholars in a research domain of kinesiology. Doctoral students work on projects in laboratories focused on cognitive motor neuroscience, exercise physiology, and physical cultural studies.

Physical education teacher with children

Certificate, Physical Education (Masters)

Following successful completion of the Physical Education Master's Certification Program (PE-MCERT), students will receive both a Master's Degree (M.Ed.) and Maryland Specialist Certification in K-12 Physical Education.