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Research Credit: Public Health Science

Research for Public Health Science Credit

To receive academic credit for a research experience, students must be simultaneously enrolled in an approved independent study course. 

Public Health Science majors may apply up to 6 credits of experiential learning (internship or research independent study) towards the required 12 credits of PHSC options, regardless of course prefix. 

Most PHSC majors enroll in PHSC389 for this credit, but they may request permission in advance from the PHSC Independent Study Coordinator to apply credits from another 300 or 400 level research independent study course towards PHSC options requirements. 

In order to request PHSC options credit for a research experience, students in the Public Health Science major must have:

  • Good academic standing (Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher)
  • At least one semester completed at UMD
  • Identified a research opportunity and mentor
  • Applied for approval of PHSC internship credit by the posted deadline

During the independent study, you will be expected to

  • Complete the required weekly hours of research
  • Submit a final written summary of your research, and
  • Secure an evaluation of your work from your mentor
  • Undergraduate research assistants are expected to work in accordance with the number of credit hours they are enrolled in for their internship course
    • For research independent study, 45 hours = 1 credit

PHSC Research Independent Study credit cannot be granted on a retroactive basis.

PHSC Options credit will not be granted for enrollment in lower (100 or 200) level research courses. 

Public Health Science majors may apply a maximum of 6 credits of experiential learning (internship or research independent study) towards the 12+ credits of PHSC options, regardless of course prefix. Additional credits will apply to general electives.

PHSC389 is offered at 1-6 credits per semester, and the course is repeatable for up to 6 credits.  PHSC389 and other approved independent study courses at UMD may be used for PHSC options credit. 

Enrollment in PHSC389 is by permission only.

You must complete all of the following steps before you can receive a registration stamp for the course.

  1. Secure an undergraduate research assistantship with a faculty mentor. The project must be related to the Public Health Science competencies.
  2. Download and complete Independent Study Contract.
  3. Have completed PHSC Independent Study Contract reviewed and signed by faculty mentor.
  4. Submit completed Independent Study Contract to PHSC Internship Coordinator by the stated deadline. 

Failure to receive approval and complete an independent study contract by the deadline means you will not be able to earn credit for the upcoming term.

In order to receive credit for independent study a student must complete the PHSC Independent Study Contract, which requires a signature from your research mentor.

In order to be considered for PHSC options credit, the student must submit the Independent Study Contract to the PHSC Internship Coordinator by the first week of classes for the term you wish to receive credit.

  • Summer 2022: May 31
  • Fall 2022: August 29
  • Spring 2023: January 25

Once the contract is submitted you will receive permission to enroll in either PHSC389 or another independent study course with your research mentor. 

PHSC Independent Study Contract

What is an approved research experience?

Before requesting permission for PHSC credit, you must already have a research opportunity and mentor identified and secured. 

If you have any questions about whether your research is appropriate for Public Health Science please feel to reach out to the Independent Study Coordinator. 

PHSC students have found research opportunities through campus resources such as those below.

PHSC Independent Study Coordinator

Portrait of Kristin Cipriani

Kristin Cipriani

Associate Director, Public Health Science