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Study Abroad: Public Health Science

A global experience can be an enriching, exciting part of your public health science degree. We encourage all students who are able and interested to investigate international opportunities.

Study abroad experiences for academic credit can range from 3-week winter or summer courses to a full semester abroad.

Public Health Science majors at the University of Maryland are able to globalize your college experience without leaving the Washington, DC, metro area.

Global classroom courses and the Global Fellows in Washington, DC fellowship program do not require a passport or additional fees. Some of these courses may fulfill general education requirements or PHSC Options credits.

Global opportunities for UMD undergraduates

If you do wish to complete part of your degree requirements in another country, your program options will depend on your academic and personal goals, as well as your financial needs.

You should be flexible when considering study abroad courses. The most common requirements that PHSC majors have fulfilled abroad are: 


  • Public Health Science Options
  • General Education: Humanities (DSHU)
  • General Education: History and Social Science (DSHS)
  • Non-major electives

Note that credit for research or internship experiences abroad will not transfer to UMD. 

UMD Education Abroad Academic Policies

PHSC Curriculum - College Park

PHSC Curriculum - Shady Grove

Studying abroad as a Public Health Science major requires some planning, especially if you would like to spend a full semester in another country. 

There is no “ideal” time to go, but you want to have some flexibility in your academic plan. It may be possible for you to study abroad for a semester anytime between spring of your sophomore year and fall of your senior year. 
Schedule an appointment with a PHSC major advisor to discuss how you can fit a study abroad semester into your academic plan. 

It is also possible to study abroad during the summer, winter, or even spring break.

Sample Academic Plans with Study Abroad

PHSC Advising @College Park

PHSC Advising @Shady Grove

When planning to study abroad, you will work with advisors in both Public Health Science (PHSC) and UMD Education Abroad (EA). 

PHSC advisors can discuss how credits from study abroad might apply towards your degree requirements. We can also recommend specific programs based on your academic, career, and personal goals. 

Fun fact, the PHSC advising team members have all studied or lived abroad at some point in our lives.

Education Abroad staff will assist you with the logistics of study abroad (passports, insurance, application process and pre-departure orientation) as well as the course approval process. 

Get started with Education Abroad

The UMD School of Public Health's Global Health Initiative (GHI) offers interdisciplinary opportunities for meaningful research, innovative education and experiential service to improve public health. 

You can find information on global opportunities sponsored by SPH faculty and resources for financing your own education abroad experience. 

Thinking of a career in global health? The UMD School of Public Health is a partner institution for the Peace Corps Prep undergraduate certificate program.

Some Programs to Consider

The world can be your public health classroom during semester breaks. In addition to courses designed by UMD faculty, UMD Education Abroad has approved programs on almost every continent.

UMD faculty-led programs

Explore short term study abroad with a health focus

A number of semester-long study abroad programs sponsored or approved by the University of Maryland may offer courses related to health. 

Note that there is no guarantee that these programs will offer the approved courses every term nor that all credits will apply towards the Public Health Science degree.

Explore semester study abroad programs

Public Health Science has reviewed a number of courses offered by institutions abroad. 

You can use course information in the Study Abroad Course Database (SACD) to prepare your initial academic plan for study abroad, but keep in mind that your final course selection is subject to review and approval. Your Education Abroad Advisor will guide you through the final course approval process once you are admitted to your study abroad program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Course offerings vary by term and year. A course listed in the database may not be available every term and year. Refer to other program resources or your EA advisor for term-specific course offerings.

Reviewed and approved for PHSC Credit or LL elective

Reviewed - NOT APPROVED for PHSC major credit