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Program Policies: MS, Couple and Family Therapy

For a complete explanation of each program policy, please refer to the CFT Program Handbook and use the page guide below:

Student Recruitment Policy page: 31

Student Admission Policy page: 31

Course Waivers/Substitutions Policy page: 31

Course and Degree Time Limits Policy page: 32

Policy on Grading page: 33

Academic Integrity Policy page: 33

Code of Student Conduct page: 35

Policy on Remediation and Dismissal Regarding Ethical Violations page: 35

Policy on Faculty and Supervisor Ethical Behavior page: 35

Diversity Policy page: 35

Non-Discrimination Policy page: 36

Policy on Student Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances  page: 36-37

Procedures for Review of Alleged Arbitrary and Capricious Grading  page: 38-40

Retention Policy page: 40

Policy on Procedures for Clearance to Graduate page: 40

Policy on Technical Training for Students, Faculty, and Supervisors page: 41

Maryland Licensure page: 41

Portability of Degree Policy page: 41

Policy on Technology Requirements page: 42