Below is a complete list of our 2014 Maryland Center for Health Equity faculty publications (listed in alphabetical order):

Chen, J., Vargas-Bustamante, A., Mortenson, K., Thomas, S.  2014.  Using quantile regression to examine health care expenditures during the great recessionHealth Serv Res, 49(2): 705-30.  doi: 10.1111/1475-6773.12113.

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Mayfield-Johnson, S, Rachal, JR, Butler III, J.  2014.  "When we learn better, we do better": Describing changes in empowerment through photovoice among community health advisors in a breast cancer and cervical cancer health promotion program in Mississippi and AlabamaAdult Ed Quar, 64(2): 91-109.

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Sterling, KL, Fryer, CS, Majeed, B, Duong, MM.  2014.  Promotion of waterpipe tobacco use, its variants and accessories in young adult newspapers: a content analysis of message portrayal.  Health Educ Res,  ePub Jun 23 2014.