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Research: Maryland Center for Health Equity

Research Overview

Our research program is grounded in fourth generation research: putting into action the knowledge and information we have gained about what causes health disparities and how to reduce and eliminate them.  While some of our research programs focus on answering outstanding questions about why certain disparities exist, others incorporate what we already know into testable interventions designed to improve minority health.

In 2012, the M-CHE was designated as a Center of Excellence on Race, Ethnicity, and Health Disparities Research (COE) by the NIH National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD, Award Number 5P20MD006737, Quinn & Thomas, PIs).  The goals of the COE are to: establish and sustain a community engaged research enterprise on health disparities; raise the visibility of health disparities and promising solutions; and facilitate action for change in structural determinants of health.  In order to accomplish these goals, the COE grant supports a number of community outreach, engagement, and educational programs, as well as provides funding for three of our major research studies.

In addition to our COE sponsored research, we have a number of other ongoing research projects supported by federal agencies including the NIH and FDA, and various state and local agencies.