Located in the North College Park area, The Al-Huda school is a cornerstone institution in the Dar-us-Salaam community and an independent K-12 school that serves Muslims from across the National Capital region.  The M-CHE, in partnership with the Al-Huda school has launched Healthy Al-Huda 2020, series of activities designed to transform school infrastructure and culture to promote healthy lifestyles (physical activity and healthy eating) with a focus on the incoming 2014 10th grade class.  Results of this initiative include the production of:

  1. A health promotion physical activity curriculum tailored to Muslim traditions, and
  2. A cookbook to showcase the culinary and cultural diversity across the diaspora of Muslim families with children attending the Al-Huda School.

The M-CHE is also working with the school to conduct a Public Health Education Needs Assessment and will award $20,000 in community mini-grants to neighborhood organizations to fund projects to promote health and well-being. 
For more information about the Al-Huda school, go to: http://www.alhuda.org