What do you get when you mix a School of Public Health with a traditional Muslim School?

The Dar-Us-Salaam Healthy Al-Huda Cookbook!

In May 2015 the M-CHE and Dar-Us-Salaam Al-Huda School community published the first edition of a cookbook that honors the diversity of the Muslim community with over 70 recipes representing traditional dishes from 24 countries!

When the M-CHE and the Dar-Us-Salaam Al-Huda School community first began their relationship in 2013, the idea of a cookbook emerged in one of our earliest meetings as an opportunity to express our commitment to health within a framework appropriate to acknowledge and respect the great diversity of the community’s cultural traditions. The cookbook also became a platform for the entire Al-Huda community (students, parents and teachers) to work in collaboration with faculty, staff and students in the University of Maryland Center for Health Equity.

All recipes were submitted by members of Al-Huda school community.  Several recipes include personal stories about what the dish means to the family that provided it and give context to the power of food traditions.  During the process, the community gathered for an Eat, Meet & Greet event during which recipes from the cookbook were prepared, tasted, and photographed for the final cookbook.

The cookbook honors of the diversity of the Al-Huda School community and the families and students from all parts of the world that have come together to advance the education of young people.  Like all communities, we come together and find common ground in our commitment to one another through sharing stories and food.

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