Mary’s Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center dedicated to addressing the health care needs of underserved, poorly served and never served populations in Adelphi, MD.  During the 2012-2013 fiscal period, Mary’s Center provided services to 2,633 pregnant women, 88% of which were Latina. The Mary’s Center provides high quality bilingual primary care to these women during pregnancy and during follow-up visits after childbirth. In the two Maryland sites, around 50 to 65 women come for postpartum visits each month after childbirth.  Mary’s Center is a trusted participant of the Latino community in Prince George’s County.


The M-CHE and Mary’s Center will work together to provide geo-mapping of the Mary’s Center patient base, support the use of mobile units at jointly sponsored events such as health fairs and other health promotion events, identify potential funders for Mary’s Center/M-CHE projects, and prepare grant proposals to local and national foundations, federal and state agencies and private sector businesses to secure funds needed to develop and sustain innovative public health education programs designed to advance the goals of health promotion and disease prevention activities tailored to the needs of Maryland residents with a specific emphasis on the growing Latino population in Prince George’s County.

To learn more about Mary's Center, visit their website at http://www.maryscenter.org/.