Below you will find key contacts for the School of Public Health, our six academic departments and two school-wide research centers. 

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Office of the Dean

Boris Lushniak, Dean
Dushanka Kleinman, Associate Dean for Research
Stephen Roth, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Colleen Farmer, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education
Amanda Grimes, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Kelly Blake, Assistant Dean of Communications
Bradley Hatfield, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs 

Office of the Dean

Building Facilities/Services

Alex Mateik, Facilities Coordinator (
2242V SPH Bldg.
(301) 314-0710

Finance and Administrative Services

Jessica Duque, Assistant Director (
2242F SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2443

Educational Innovation

Robert Gold, Director  (
2234S SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-0271

Marketing and Communications

Kelly Blake  (
Assistant Dean, Communications
2242L SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-9418


Jennifer Schwartz (
Assistant Dean for Development, School of Public Health
(301) 405-2918

IT Solutions Center

Andrew McCarty (
2387 SPH Building
(301) 405-2550

Research Administration

Dushanka V. Kleinman, Professor and Associate Dean for Research (
2242 SPH Building

Undergraduate Center for Academic Success and Achievement

The purpose of the Center for Academic Success and Achievement (formerly called the Student Service Center) in the School of Public Health is to enhance the quality of student life for undergraduate students in the school. If you need assistance with advising, career interests, or just have questions, please contact us.

Colleen Farmer, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Center Contacts

Erin Thiel Caporellie, Director of Student Services (
SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2545 x2242

For more complete information, please visit our Student Service Center

Graduate Programs

Please contact the appropriate graduate program director.

Department and Center Contacts

Behavioral and Community Health

Behavioral and Community Health is service-oriented with a variety of career opportunities that can make meaningful contributions to the health and welfare of the individual and society.

Bob Gold, Chair

Department Contact

Tracy Kennedy (
2387D SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2467

Graduate Program Director

Katherine Sharp (
(301) 405-2464

For more complete information, please visit our Behavioral and Community Health department page.

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics provides rigorous training in the fundamental sciences underlying public health practice. Our mission is to improve health and reduce health disparities in local communities, the state of Maryland, and the nation.

Hongjie Liu, Chair


Graduate Director

Xin He (
2234H SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2551

For more complete information, please visit our Epidemiology and Biostatistics department page.

Family Science

The Department of Family Science advances the concept of family well-being as the foundation for a healthy society and promotes individual, family and community strategies to improve the public’s health through research, clinical practice, family advocacy and public policy analysis at local, national and international levels.

Sandra C. Quinn, Chair

Department Contact

1142 SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-3672

Graduate Program Director

Marian Moser Jones
(301) 405-8940 

For more complete information, please visit our Family Science department page.


The Department of Kinesiology focuses on the interdisciplinary study of physical activity and its complex role in human health. Kinesiology spans from molecular and physiological studies to the examination of sport and societal approaches to physical activity and health throughout the lifespan.

Brad Hatfield, Chair

Undergraduate Coordinator

Polly Sebastian Schurer (
Undergraduate Coordinator
(301) 405-2453
SPH 2351

Graduate Program Contacts

James Hagberg, PhD (
Graduate Director
(301) 405-2487
SPH 2134E

Shannon Jette, PhD (
MPH Director
(301) 405-2497
SPH 2363

Andrea Romeo (
MPH Admissions Coordinator
(301) 405-8962
SPH 2351

For more complete information, please visit our Kinesiology department page.

Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health

MIAEH conducts research and leads educational and service programs to better understand the role of environmental factors on human health and to inform public health interventions through both policy changes and community engagement.

Stephen Roth, Interim Director

Department Contact

Maurice Rocque, Business Manager (
2234T SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-5509

Graduate Program Contact 

Paul Turner, Graduate Admissions Director (
(301) 405-6583

For more complete information, please visit our Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health department page.

Health Services Administration

The Department of Health Services Administration focuses on eliminating disparities in access to health care, improving its delivery and management, creating effective health services policy and financing public health services delivery, and providing services where they are needed most.

Luisa Franzini, Chair

Graduate Program Contacts

MHA, PhD, and the Certificate on Aging
Dylan H. Roby, PhD (
Associate Chair & Director of Graduate Studies
(301) 405-6545

MPH in Public Health Practice and Policy and the Certificate in Public Health
Negin Fouladi (
(301) 405-6122

For more complete information, please visit our Health Services Administration department page.

Maryland Center for Health Equity

Founded in 2010, the Maryland Center for Health Equity (M-CHE) is committed to improving the health of Marylanders. The center’s mission is to establish and sustain a community-engaged research enterprise on critical health disparities; to raise the visibility of racial and ethnic health disparities and promising solutions with Marylanders; and to facilitate action for change in the structural determinants of health in Maryland.

Stephen B. Thomas, professor of Health Services Administration and Director of the Center for Health Equity

For contact info, see our Center for Health Equity website.

Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy

The Center advances health literacy science and translates that science into education and community action that improves health literacy and health outcomes.

Cynthia Baur, Endowed Professor and Director

For more complete information, please visit our Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy page.