Award Overview

This merit based award, given each spring, will recognize a junior, Public Health Science student who demonstrates research excellence and the potential or ability to translate health-related research in clinical or community applications. 

Award Amount: $2,000
Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Apply Here

Student Eligibility

All eligible students must be:

  • A Public Health Science major
  • Of junior status (~30 credits or one more year of study remaining)
  • Currently active or recently active (within past 12 months) in a research lab (academic, industrial and/or government, e.g. county, state or federal)

Please note: Reception of course credit for the research experience is not considered in the eligibility process 

Nomination Requirements

Each nomination packet must include the following, which should address the selection criteria above:

  • Letter of nomination
  • Description of student's research accomplishments 
  • Statement of research contributions (must be from lab director or project PI)

Please note: A student may self-nominate. The letter of nomination and statement of research contribution can be the same letter if submitted by the lab director or PI. 

Responsibilities of Awardee(s):

Award recipient(s) will be expected to provide a written thank you letter to the award donors, attend a meeting with the donors, and/or attend the School of Public Health Annual Convocation.