Upon completion of the degree requirements, all students are expected to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Discuss the history and philosophy of public health as well as its core values, concepts, and functions across the globe and in society.
  • Use basic public health concepts, methods, and tools for data collection and analysis.
  • Identify the major health-related needs and concerns of populations and formulate basic processes, approaches, and interventions as possible solutions.
  • Describe the underlying science of human health and disease including opportunities for promoting and protecting health across the lifespan.
  • Examine the socio-economic, behavioral, biological, environmental, and other factors that impact human health and contribute to health disparities.
  • Demonstrate the fundamental concepts and features of project implementation, including planning, assessment, and evaluation.
  • Compare and contrast the fundamental characteristics and organizational structures of the health systems of the United States and other countries.
  • Characterize the basic concepts of legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory dimensions of health care and public policy.
  • Illustrate the basic concepts of public health-specific writing and communication.
  • Interpret and synthesize scientific knowledge to propose evidence-based approaches and solutions to public health problems.

The BS in Public Health Science is offered on both the College Park and Shady Grove campus. At College Park students can enter the program at anytime during the college career, while at Shady Grove, students begin their studies with us in their junior year.