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SPH Alumni Network

Mission Statement

As a Terp, you’re always ready to make the next bold step. We believe in the mission of ‘health for all’ and advancing the conversation of public health. The SPH Alumni Network encourages Public Health Terps to develop strong ties with each other and Maryland through an engaging mix of programs and activities. Membership provides you the best way to stay connected and to support the mission of the School.

The UMD School of Public Health Alumni Network works to promote and support the school, encourage academic and professional excellence and facilitate career development for both current students and graduates while fostering and strengthening a lasting relationship between the school and its alumni.

See a list of the SPH Alumni Network Board Members.

What We Do:

The SPH Alumni Network helps to organize and fund activities that:

  • Provide meaningful engagement opportunities for alumni
  • Connect alumni with current students and faculty
  • Recognize and promote the academic and professional achievements of students, faculty, and alumni
  • Build and maintain support for the School of Public Health through partnerships with employers and organizations
  • Advocate for the school and university

Reasons to Join:

Members of the SPH Alumni Network regularly:

  • Network with other alumni and friends of the SPH
  • Connect with events at the school and university 
  • Discover meaningful ways to give back to the SPH and help the next generation of Terps
  • Enjoy the many personal benefits offered through the Alumni Association

Membership fees are also 100 percent tax-deductible.

Join the Alumni Association!

We encourage all School of Public Health alumni to join the University of Maryland's Alumni Association. Membership in the Alumni Association will enroll you automatically in the SPH Alumni Network. 

  • Stay active through tailgates, performances, happy hours and career networking events
  • Stay connected with UMD and the friends you made on campus
  • Stay informed through The Shell, Terp magazine and email updates
  • Stay fearless as you go through life

Stay Connected with the UMD School of Public Health: