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SPH Alumni Network

Mission Statement

As a Terp, you’re always ready to make the next bold step. We believe in the mission of ‘health for all’ and advancing the conversation of public health. The SPH Alumni Network encourages Public Health Terps to develop strong ties with each other and Maryland through an engaging mix of programs and activities. Membership provides you the best way to stay connected and to support the mission of the School.

The UMD School of Public Health Alumni Network works to promote and support the school, encourage academic and professional excellence and facilitate career development for both current students and graduates while fostering and strengthening a lasting relationship between the school and its alumni.

See a list of the SPH Alumni Network Board Members.

What We Do:

The SPH Alumni Network helps to organize and fund activities that:

  • Provide meaningful engagement opportunities for alumni
  • Connect alumni with current students and faculty
  • Recognize and promote the academic and professional achievements of students, faculty, and alumni
  • Build and maintain support for the School of Public Health through partnerships with employers and organizations
  • Advocate for the school and university

SPH Alumni Network Call for Nominations 2022-2024
Submit a Nomination for the SPH Alumni Network Board

Thank you for your interest in joining the University of Maryland School of Public Health Alumni Network Board. We are actively seeking alumni to take on leadership roles to help us showcase the work of alumni working in the field of public health and expand networking opportunities across disciplines.

The SPH Alumni Network Board is comprised of industry leaders and professionals seeking to advance the mission and values of the University of Maryland School of Public Health. We are innovative, passionate, and charismatic, which are all characteristics reflected in the work to which we contribute alongside various generations of Maryland alumni to engage fellow Terps. Whether you’re a young professional early in your career or an experienced professional, we welcome all backgrounds and diverse experiences to serve as leaders on our Board. Help us with event planning, development, strategy, communication/outreach, and other efforts!

What are the prerequisites for joining the SPH Alumni Network Board?

You must become a member of the University of Maryland Alumni Association to serve on the SPH Alumni Network Board. The membership fee for board members is $25.  There are no additional membership dues charged by the Network. Each member of the Alumni Association is entitled to membership in the SPH Alumni Network Board if they meet the following requirements:

  • Holder of a degree or certificate offered by SPH or the legacy schools/departments;
  • Former student who does not hold a degree or certificate offered by SPH;
  • Individual who was not a student of SPH or any other School/College at the University of Maryland, College Park, but subscribes to the objectives and basic policies of the Network, and wishes to participate in the activities of the Network.

What is the nomination process?

Individuals can be nominated or self-nominated. The following is requested:

  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of Intent – a short note explaining why you would like to be on the alumni board, along with previous leadership and service experience. (300 words or less)
  • Submit all nominations and self-nominations to the Nominating Committee by April 30, 2022.
  • Nominations can be submitted by emailing your documents to:

What is the length of a term for a board member?

2 years.

What is the timeframe for nominations?

Nominations for new Board members will be open from February 14, 2022 until April 30, 2022.

When will a nominee be notified if he or she is elected?

Elected Board members will be notified by June 1, 2022.

When is the start date for new board members?

Newly elected Board members will officially become Board members on July 1, 2022.

How often do members of the SPH Alumni Network Board meet?

The Board meets quarterly in a hybrid format, with additional occasional conference calls.

Officers serve in an executive capacity for the Board and require the most time commitment, with the eligibility to be re-elected for up to three consecutive terms (6 years total).

President – Responsible for planning and providing direction to Board and committees. Presides at all Board meetings and represents the chapter at all UMD associated functions.

         Term length: two years

         Estimated number of hours per month: 10-15 hours

Vice President – Provides planning support to the President. Assumes all duties of the President in their absence.

         Term length: two years.

         Number of hours per month: 10-15 hours

Note: The Vice President receives preference to succeed the President, which could potentially be a six-year commitment (two years as the Vice President, two years as the President, and two years as the Past-President).

Treasurer – Responsible for maintaining accounts, financial records, and submitting annual budget.

         Term length: two years

         Number of hours per month: 3-5 hours

Secretary – Responsible for scheduling Board meetings, preparing minutes, and maintaining records of Board communications.

         Term length: two years

         Number of hours per month: 3-5 hours

Board Members at-Large – If you are interested in serving on the Board more generally, you can apply to become a Board Member at-Large. Board Members at-Large attend network meetings, participate in the SPH Mentorship program, help facilitate and plan new events, oversee programming, and volunteer their time through other initiatives. Board Members at-Large have the opportunity to serve on task forces and committees as determined by the Board.

         Term length: two years

         Number of hours per month: 3-5 hours

We appreciate your interest in joining the University of Maryland School of Public Health Alumni Network Board. If you have any further questions regarding the nomination process of the Alumni Network Board, please email the following:

SPH Alumni Network President, Alyssa Brooks

Reasons to Join:

Members of the SPH Alumni Network regularly:

  • Network with other alumni and friends of the SPH
  • Connect with events at the school and university 
  • Discover meaningful ways to give back to the SPH and help the next generation of Terps
  • Enjoy the many personal benefits offered through the Alumni Association

Membership fees are also 100 percent tax-deductible.

Join the Alumni Association!

We encourage all School of Public Health alumni to join the University of Maryland's Alumni Association. Membership in the Alumni Association will enroll you automatically in the SPH Alumni Network. 

  • Stay active through tailgates, performances, happy hours and career networking events
  • Stay connected with UMD and the friends you made on campus
  • Stay informed through The Shell, Terp magazine and email updates
  • Stay fearless as you go through life

Stay Connected with the UMD School of Public Health: