The overarching educational goals of the Maryland Center for Health Equity are to:

  1. Provide opportunities for minority groups and communities to gain knowledge and recognition of why research is conducted, research methods and protections, and benefits for the larger community
  2. Increase the capacity of researchers to effectively develop respectful working relationships with minority communities to aid in recruitment and retention of minorities in their research efforts
  3. Accelerate the professional development of investigators committed to achieving health equity by eliminating health disparities

We work to accomplish these goals through a wide variety of educational and training programs held throughout the country, in venues that include public health conferences, academic institutions and health centers, and community centers.  We periodically host online webinars, and we have a web-based, user-led program designed for people to learn more about research and how to become involved with research.

To learn more about our educational offerings, click on a title below.  Several of our ongoing educational programs are also listed in the Education Menu at the top of this page.

Building Trust between Minorities and Researchers

Collegium of Scholars

Health Equity Leadership Institute (HELI) 

Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCRP) Institute

Mentor Training Program