When planning your coursework in the Public Health Science program, make sure you keep the following information in mind, and please speak with an advisor if you have any questions. The following applies to students who declared the major in Spring 2018 or later. If you became a public health science major before Spring 2018 you can find your course progression here.

  • The major has benchmark courses which every student is expected to complete by a certain semester.
  • Certain required courses can only be taken after completion of 45 or 60 credits.
  • Some courses have pre-requisite classes that must be completed first. These may be other Public Health Science courses or foundational science courses.
  • The Public Health Science Capstone, PHSC497, is always taken in the final semester before graduation. 


By the end of ... You must complete ...
2 semesters in the major
  • BSCI170/171
  • CHEM131/132
3 semesters in the major
  • CHEM231/232
4 semesters in the major
  • MATH120

After 45 Credits

The following courses can be taken after completion of at least 45 credits.

Course ID Course Title
HLTH366 Behavioral and Community Issues in Public Health
EPIB301 Epidemiology for Public Health Practice

After 60 Credits

The following courses can be taken after completion of at least 60 credits.

Course ID Course Title
MIEH300 Introduction to Environmental Health
HLSA300 Introduction to Health Policy and Services
PHSC415 Essentials of Public Health Biology: The Cell, the Individual, and Disease

Final Semester

The following course can only be taken in your final semester.

Course ID Course Title
PHSC497 Public Health Science Capstone