What is Health Literacy Maryland (HLM)?

Our Vision: Maryland will be a place where it is easy to find and use information and services for health and well-being.

Our Mission: Promoting health literacy in Maryland through educating a coalition of community leaders & mobilizing them into action within their jurisdictions.

HLM is a statewide and free membership coalition that brings together people and organizations to work on improving health literacy. HLM works with any interested organization, such as healthcare providers, government agencies, and community-based organizations, to improve access to and use of good health information and offer opportunities to use such information to improve health outcomes. Join the coalition by signing up for our email list!

In April 2018, the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy hosted a Health Literacy Huddle, bringing together organizations interested in being a part of a newly-reinstated statewide health literacy coalition. If you or your organization is interested, please email us at healthliteracy@umd.edu so we can follow up with you. If you are interested in keeping up with coalition updates, join our mailing list!

2020 Activities

This spring, staff from the Horowitz Center will visit each county local health improvement coalition (LHIC) in Maryland to learn about each county's priorities and health literacy activities.

We look forward to listening, learning, and connecting! If you have any questions, please email us: healthliteracy@umd.edu

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2019 Meetings

March 26 - White Plains, Maryland (Charles County)

June 17 - Cumberland, Maryland (Allegany County)

September 16 - Cockeysville, Maryland (Baltimore County)

December 12 - Salisbury, Maryland (Wicomico County)

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