The Horowitz Center partnered with UnitedHealth Group (UHG) to add behavioral health terms to UHG’s Just Plain Clear Glossary, a plain language glossary of health insurance and health care terms that consumers, health care providers, and insurance companies use. The glossary - available now in English, Spanish, and Portuguese - aims to help patients and health consumers make informed decisions about their health.

The Center and UHG updated the glossary based on terms that patients frequently search for. The Center’s role was to identify the terms, specifically relating to behavioral health, and create a plain language definition for each term. The terms and definitions underwent an internal UHG review process and translation before the term was added to the glossary.


The glossary project targets two groups.

  • Doctors, insurance companies, and other healthcare professionals
  • Patients and health consumers

Healthcare professionals can use the glossary to learn plain language and communicate with patients in a way that they will understand. Professionals may be used to medical jargon, and the glossary provides alternate terms and plain language definitions of each term. 

Patients can use the glossary if their provider gives them information using terms they don’t understand. If they also have take-home documents that use terms they don’t understand, the glossary can help to clarify. 


The Center provided UHG with plain language definitions for more than 40 complex terms. The UHG editors and staff reviewed our recommendations and added these terms to the glossary.

Below are a few of the many Center-suggested terms that UHG added to the glossary: