In September 2010, the Maryland Center for Health Equity (M-CHE) was established. It is located on the third floor of the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland, College Park. The faculty that are associated with M-CHE are, Dr. Stephen Thomas, director, Dr. Sandra Quinn, Dr. Mary Garza, Dr. James Butler, and Dr. Craig Fryer.

The mission of the M-CHE is to:

  • Establish and sustain a community engaged research enterprise on critical health disparities
  • Raise the visibility of racial and ethnic health disparities and promising solutions with Marylanders.
  • Facilitate action for change in the structural determinants of health in Maryland.

The Vision for the Maryland Center for Health Equity is to be a vibrant contributor to the university’s reinvigorated land grant mission with the inclusion of the elimination of racial and ethnic disparities to achieve health equity.

Their research program is grounded in fourth generation research: putting into action the knowledge and information we have gained about what causes health disparities and how to reduce and eliminate them.  While some of their research programs focus on answering outstanding questions about why certain disparities exist, others incorporate what they already know into testable interventions designed to improve minority health.

There are several current research projects being conducted at this center.  Here is a list of the titles some of the projects:

  • Uncovering and Addressing Cultural Beliefs Behind Vaccine Racial Disparities (Vaccine Study)
  • Sisters Healthy and Physically Empowered (SHAPE)
  • Black Men’s Health Initiative
  • Investigating Factors Associated with Participation of Racial & Ethnic Minority Populations in FDA Regulated Research
  • Prevention of Major Depression in Older African Americans (Depression Prevention Study)

To learn more about these projects and other work that has been done at M-CHE, please visit their website.