There is growing national demand for professionals who understand the physical and mental health benefits of physical activity, and can leverage this knowledge to combat major public health issues facing today’s society. Sedentary behaviors underlie numerous chronic diseases and are considered a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. The expertise gained through the MPH in Physical Activity prepares students for careers that involve integrating physical activity into public health practice at various levels. At a time when the nation is witnessing an obesity epidemic, enjoys watching sport more than playing sport, and has an aging population at risk for falls, Kinesiology brings together individuals with backgrounds in physiology, psychology, sociology, communications, history, engineering, education, and neuroscience to address challenging public health problems.

Program Requirements & Policies

The Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Physical Activity is a 45-credit professional degree. All students will complete six public health core courses, eight courses in the physical activity and related cognate area, a practicum experience (i.e., internship), and a culminating project.

To review an outline of courses, policies regarding internships and capstone requirements, and degree competenices, please view the MPH handbook below.

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