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MPH, Master of Public Health

Our Master of Public Health and Master of Health Administration programs provide unmatched opportunities to work across disciplines and will prepare you for the specific career you seek in public health.

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More Information on Our MPH Degrees

As an MPH student at UMD, you will be part of a cohort that will take a set of core courses of 14 credits over three semesters together. These courses provide innovative instruction in a number of areas of public health, including data collection and analysis, policy, health care systems, communication, ethics and leadership. While completing the integrated core, you will take courses in your chosen concentration area and have the opportunity to complete internships unique to the Maryland/DC national capital region and relevant capstone projects. The 45-credit program can be completed within two years for full-time students.

We encourage you to meet with our faculty or one of our graduate admissions staff to see how the School of Public Health can help you identify how to tailor your MPH experience into something that will best support your career goals.

The integrated core MPH courses include: 

SPHL601*, Core Concepts in Public Health, 1 cr. (limited to MPH students)
SPHL602*, Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, 4 cr.
SPHL603*, Public Health Data Laboratory, 1 cr.
SPHL610, Program and Policy Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation, 5 cr.
SPHL611, Public Health Ethics, 1 cr.
SPHL620, Leadership, Teams, and Coalitions: Policy to Advocacy, 2 cr.

* MPH in Epidemiology and MPH in Biostatistics students take:
EPIB 610 Foundations of Epidemiology (3 credits)
EPIB 650 Biostatistics I (3 Credits)