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Oral Health and Health Literacy

The resources on this page contribute to improving oral health and health literacy.

Accelerating Oral and General Health for All through Health Literacy

A Symposium and Tribute to Dr. Alice M. Horowitz

Oral health symposium speakers standing inside the School of Public Health lobby by Testudo statue.
Oral Health Symposium in-person morning presenters. From left to right: Dr. Dushanka Kleinman, Dr. Cynthia Baur, Dr. Alice Horowitz, Dr. Rima Rudd, Dr. Debony Hughes, Dr. Harry Goodman, and Dean Boris Lushniak.

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The Center hosted an oral health and health literacy symposium, Accelerating Oral and General Health for All through Health Literacy. This event highlighted the career and contributions of Dr. Alice M. Horowitz in the emergence and growth of oral health as a focal area within the health literacy field and set a course for continued action. Speakers addressed oral health and health literacy research, practice, and policy that have developed during the prior 20 years, highlighted contributions to and needs for Maryland and the region, and considered the importance of oral health and general health integration as a health literacy and public health issue. The symposium concluded with a look at future issues and opportunities to advance oral health through health literacy and the role of the Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy. The event was held on October 16th, 2022.

Reflections to Inform the Future of Oral Health Literacy: Presenter Panel Slides

Dr. Cynthia Baur

The Expanding Scope of Health Literacy and State and National Recognition

Dr. Rima Rudd

Learning from Oral Health Literacy, an essential component of Health Literacy 

Dr. Harry Goodman

Creating a Strong Foundation for Oral Health Literacy: The Maryland State Model

Dr. Debony Hughes

Building on a Strong Foundation: Moving Oral Health Literacy Forward in Maryland

Dr. Kathryn Atchinson

Health Literacy as a Key Factor in Integration of Health Care

Dr. Jayanth Kumar

Oral Health Literacy: California Initiatives

Oral Health Literacy: How Diseases of the Mouth Affect Overall Health

Health Literacy Out Loud | November 1, 2022

Helen Osborne, host of the Health Literacy Out Loud podcast, interviewed Dr. Alice Horowitz about oral health literacy. They discussed the linkages between oral health and overall health and the importance of considering the mouth and body as a whole unit. Dr. Horowitz emphasized how dental care providers need to communicate clearly about how to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Dr. Horowitz also discussed her work on educating new parents on caring for their babies' gums. See the resources below for videos produced as part of this work.

Oral Health and Health Literacy Resources

The overlap between oral health and health literacy was a major focus and devotion of Dr. Alice Horowitz, the Center's founder, who contributed to the development of these resources.

The following poster showcases results from multiple research studies that Dr. Horowitz and colleagues have completed on oral health and health literacy with the goal of building knowledge and understanding to increase health literacy.

Poster presenting findings of an oral health literacy study
This is a 12-minute video aimed at educating mothers on good oral health practices for themselves and their families. The video addresses a gap in oral care knowledge that exists among the public, especially in low-income families, and will be used by community based health clinics and WIC clinics in conjunction with the Maryland statewide campaign "Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids." The Center produced the video with funding from the DentaQuest Foundation.
Producido por el Centro Horowitz para Alfabetización de la Salud de la Escuela de Salud Pública de la Universidad de Maryland, "Bocas Saludables para Usted y Su Bebé" es un video de 12 minutos destinado a educar madres sobre buenas prácticas de salud bucal para ellas y sus familias. El video aborda una brecha en el conocimiento del cuidado bucal que existe entre el público, especialmente en familias de bajos ingresos, y será utilizado por clínicas de salud comunitarias y clínicas de WIC en conjunto con la campaña estatal de Maryland "Dientes Sanos, Niños Sanos." El video fue posible con fondos de la Fundación DentaQuest.