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This page contains information about the Center's federally-funded projects on COVID-19 communication.

Baltimore vs. COVID

Integrating Health Literacy into the Baltimore vs. COVID Project

  • Funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health (Grant # CPIMP211292-01-00)
  • Partners: Baltimore City Health Department (lead), multiple Baltimore City organizations 

Since 2021, the Horowitz Center has worked with the Baltimore vs. COVID team to support clear communication to explain COVID-19 to patients, especially adolescents. The Center is working to increase organizational health literacy among partners. 

The Center developed multiple products for the project partners, including a  

  • presentation about organizational health literacy to help the project team understand how they can help their patients and clients understand and access health information and services. 
  • presentation for healthcare providers that focuses on using plain language and confirming understanding using the teach-back method. The presentation is used to train existing staff and new hires. Scenarios allow participants to practice using plain language and the teach-back method. 
  • list of COVID terms and plain language explanations that a community health worker is using to engage high school students in conversations about COVID vaccines to help them advocate for their health and that of their families. 
  • ongoing review of COVID educational materials 

Baltimore: Communicating about COVID-19 Testing to Underrepresented Populations

  • Funding from the Food and Drug Administration
  • Partners: University of Maryland, Baltimore The Patients Program (lead), Food and Drug Administration

Lifting All Voices to Improve Health Literacy in the City of Frederick

Prevention Research Center - COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Project