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This page contains information about the Center's activities on COVID-19. These include funded projects as well as health information published by the Center.


Lifting All Voices to Improve Health Literacy in the City of Frederick

Prevention Research Center - COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Project

Communicating about COVID-19 Testing to Underrepresented Populations 

  • Funding from the Food and Drug Administration
  • Partners: University of Maryland, Baltimore The Patients Program (lead), Food and Drug Administration

Health Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Hot Topics

August 2021 to May 2022

The research team for the COVID-19 vaccine communication project regularly posts a newsletter with trending topics about the COVID-19 vaccines. These “Hot Topics” inform community leaders about the latest vaccine news and guide conversations about the shots with their communities.

Deciding on Activities in the Time of COVID-19

Nov 13, 2020 - Published to Twitter and YouTube

View the full Deciding on Activities in the Time of COVID-19 playlist on YouTube. Young adults' lives changed dramatically with COVID-19, especially as their typical social activities come with higher risk. The Horowitz Center for Health Literacy produced a series of short animations encouraging young adults, especially college students, to consider six specific factors before participating in activities like attending parties, dining outdoors, and hanging out at a friend's house. While the animations depict six activities, young adults can use the six factors to make decisions about any activity.