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In the Spring 2021 semester, Center Director Dr. Cynthia Baur, hosted a series of virtual teach-ins titled Fact or Fake: How can I know what to believe? The series provided a space for attendees to process their beliefs about key events from 2020, including the coronavirus pandemic, racial justice protests of the summer, and the 2020 elections and their aftermath with a specific focus on the varied and often contradictory information and claims about each. Through the series’ six bi-weekly drop-in sessions, participants were encouraged to assess their own information-seeking behaviors and how they formed their beliefs about each of the events.

The teach-in series was a unique opportunity for experts to share relevant insights into each event and for UMD faculty, staff, and students to reflect on and discuss that information. Respondents to a final feedback survey about the series indicated their interest in similar sessions in future semesters.


Vision: Maryland will be a place where it is easy to find and use information and services for health and well-being.

Mission: Promoting health literacy in Maryland through educating a coalition of community leaders & mobilizing them into action within their jurisdictions.

Health Literacy Maryland (HLM) was a statewide and free membership coalition that brought together people and organizations to work on improving health literacy. HLM worked with any interested organization, such as healthcare providers, government agencies, and community-based organizations, to improve access to and use of good health information and offer opportunities to use such information to improve health outcomes.

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In April 2018, the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy hosted a Health Literacy Huddle, bringing together organizations interested in being a part of a newly-reinstated statewide health literacy coalition. 

In 2019, Health Literacy Maryland convened 4 times across the state, in Charles, Allegany, Baltimore, and Wicomico Counties.

In 2020, staff from the Horowitz Center visited each county local health improvement coalition (LHIC) in Maryland to learn about each county's priorities and health literacy activities.

This lead to a health literacy technical assistance project for the LHICs, which concluded in August 2020 and transitioned to capacity, data, and community engagement technical assistance. 

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Health literacy is an integral component of Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) programs that aim to reduce the number of 911 calls and emergency department visits from people who frequently use these services. In an MIH program, community paramedics conduct home visits to assess, treat, and refer patients to appropriate services. During these visits, the exchange of health information can empower clients to be informed and take charge of their health.

A visit typically involves:

  • Reviewing clients’ medical history
  • Conducting home safety assessments
  • Evaluating social support networks
  • Reviewing vital signs 
  • Conducting medication review and reconciliation
  • Providing appropriate referrals to services

Highlighting Prince George’s County MIH Program

The Prince George’s County MIH program, based in the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department, collaborated with the Horowitz Center to develop an informational binder for their clients to record and store health information. Each binder includes the following:

  • Logs for blood pressure, blood sugar, pain, weight
  • Medication trackers and lists
  • Client goals and notes 

Evaluation Efforts

The Center worked on a pilot study with the Prince George’s MIH Team to determine the usefulness of the binders. The evaluation focused on the following areas: 

  • Doctor-patient communication
  • Health information-seeking behaviors
  • Medication management
  • Healthcare system navigation

The results from this study can help improve the services provided by the MIH team and, ultimately, the health literacy of clients.


The Horowitz Center hosted its first Health Literacy Huddle: A dialogue on health literacy in Maryland on April 25, 2018. At the Huddle, the Center's team presented information it had collected on health literacy activities, assets, gaps, and opportunities at the county and state levels. Various Maryland health organizations, departments, and officials were interviewed for the final analysis. On the 25th, professionals from across Maryland convened to discuss the Center's findings and forge new networks. The event was photographed and filmed. The presentation and supporting materials can be found below.

The Huddle Presentation included key findings on health literacy from the county and state levels.

Supporting Materials

Statewide findings
Aggregated countywide findings

Provider Outreach/Educational Activities

Community Outreach/Educational Programs