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Voices of Health Literacy

Voices of Health Literacy is the Center's multimedia project to feature UMD students, faculty, and staff perspectives on and experiences with health information, communication and services. Maris Medina, the Center's communications intern, interviewed students on campus—encompassing different backgrounds and majors—about how health literacy affects their lives. The first phase of the project focuses on students and will expand to faculty and staff in the near future.

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What is Health Literacy Slide with a picture of Suna, a student, and the quote "If we want to break it down to what's really important in making sure our communities are healthy, it's making sure people are getting proper information...It's the start of everything - the start of helping, curing, finding treatments."
Voices of Health Literacy: Suna
Voices of Health Literacy slide with a quote from a student from the School of Public Health
Voices of Health Literacy: Uchechi
Slide that reads "What's confusing about getting health info?" A student named Julie's answer is quoted. She says, "Not all websites say the same thing and its gets confusing at times when you try to find out what is really in your medicine or what you're taking and stuff like that."
Voices of Health Literacy: Julie
Slide that reads "What can health care providers do better?" and student with black long hair and wearing a patterned shirt
Voices of Health Literacy: Karen

Maryland Day 2019


Maryland day slide that reads "What's confusing about getting health info?" with a picture of a woman looking directly into a camera.

We asked 2019 Maryland Day attendees to share their thoughts on health literacy.

Read what they said.