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Ongoing Champions Projects

The Horowitz Center partnered with the Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors to offer the Health Literacy Champion Toolkit. The toolkit is for local health department staff to assess health literacy capacity, develop an action plan, and commit to implementing the plan. State health departments and other organizations may also find the toolkit a valuable assessment and planning tool, although some of their organizational functions may differ.

The Health Literacy Champion Process has 5 steps:

  1. Review the Toolkit background document.
  2. Health Literacy Check-Up: assess health literate policies and procedures in the department.
  3. Health Literacy Action Plan: develop SMART goals and an action plan.
  4. Health Literacy Pledge: commit to implementing the plan.
  5. Action Plan Implementation: implement the plan.

Organizations can download the toolkit materials and complete them on their own at no cost, or talk with Center staff about fee-based help. Organizations that want the Center to certify their pledge and be recognized on the website will submit their materials for Center review and approval. The review fee is $50 per application. If you have trouble with these forms, please email us. For more information, please email the Center at

Read how Ohio's health departments are using the toolkit

PHAB Accreditation and Health Literacy in Maryland

The Center is developing a Health Literacy Training Hub to support health literacy training that aligns with PHAB standards. We are contacting Maryland local health departments to understand how health department staff are trained in health literacy. We are also collating a database of evidence-based health literacy training resources to aid in program development. 

County Health Literacy Strategic Plans

For counties interested in full integration of health literacy, the Center is working with multiple local health departments on health literacy strategic plans. 

This involves:

  • Discussing county-specific strengths, gaps, and opportunities
  • Consulting on PHAB accreditation applications and post-approval, implementation
  • Providing education and professional development
  • Creating health literacy guidelines 

All efforts contribute to Maryland becoming a health literate state. 

If your organization or health department is interested in partnering with the Center on health literacy strategic planning, email with subject line “County Health Literacy Plan.”