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UMD-PRC Mission

To eliminate existing health disparities and related social injustices experienced by LGBTQ+ persons.

The University of Maryland Prevention Research Center (UMD-PRC) is committed to research, service and training around issues of mental health among LGBTQ+ communities. We are committed to bringing awareness to inequities, as well as disseminating data, validated tools and best practices to improve access to quality mental health and health care for these communities.

In collaboration with LGBTQ+ partner organizations, we promote evidence-based training of students and mental health care providers in culturally sensitive and inclusive practices. By serving as a central hub of resources and expertise in LGBTQ+ mental health care, we facilitate connections between members of LGBTQ+ communities, allies, providers, clinicians and investigators.


  1. Address gaps in understanding of LGBTQ+ mental health and health care and related topics such as HIV, substance use and healthy relationship dynamics.
  2. Develop and evaluate tools to examine and address LGBTQ+ mental health and related health care needs.
  3. Disseminate and support the implementation of tools to address LGBTQ+ mental health and related health care needs.

The University of Maryland Prevention Research Center (UMD-PRC) was founded with a CDC cooperative agreement from 2009-2014. Its focus was the role of jurisdictional and other boundaries in fracturing coordinated efforts for addressing an HIV epidemic. The UMD-PRC was involved in state HIV prevention planning, inter-jurisdiction and inter-organization prevention programs and research that was disseminated through training programs and publications. 

Since its initial CDC supported founding, the UMD-PRC has continued addressing HIV prevention and has become more focused on related LGBTQ+ mental health and health care challenges. Its major partners in addressing these challenges have continued to be community organizations and other researchers. HIV, substance use and related concerns continue to be topics of importance for the UMD-PRC given their relationship with LGBTQ+ mental health disparities. 

Hence, this new CDC cooperative agreement beginning in the Fall of 2019 and extending through 2024 is a timely facilitator for improving the UMD-PRC’s ability to address its mission of improving mental health and health care for LGBTQ+ persons.