Health Literacy & Equity Chronicles for Health & Well-Being

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This blog explores the intersection between health literacy and health equity as essential factors in a healthy society. We welcome your comments on posts and suggestions for future topics. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please email us at

April 1 - Dr. Cynthia Baur - Health Literacy and Equity Principles Can Bring True Reform to US Healthcare

April 8 - Dr. Boris Lushniak - Health Literacy is the Heartbeat of Public Health

April 15 - Dr. Stephen Thomas - Health Equity, Health Literacy and the Ethical Imperative to Coalesce

April 19 - Dr. Sandra Quinn - Health Equity Depends on Clear Communication

April 26 - Dr. Dushanka Kleinman - Health Literacy Contributes to Achieving Health and Well-being Healthy People 2030 Goals

May 6 - Dr. Alice Horowitz - Putting the Mouth Back in the Body is Health Literacy Work