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Graduate Students in Public Health

University of Maryland 1856 School of Public Health GSPH Graduate Students in Public Health Logo


The mission of the Association of GSPH shall be:

  • To serve the academic and social needs of the association members
  • To serve as a liaison between graduate students, the administration, staff and faculty
  • To encourage and promote community involvement by association members
  • To stimulate interest in and advance the profession of public health


The GSPH assembly consists of all graduate students within the School of Public Health.

Executive Board

President: Anna Posbergh
Vice President: Catalina Chesney
Director of Financial Affairs and Public Relations: Lauren Kauffman

Committees and Committee Chairs

Academic and Career Committee (ACC)

  • Basic professional development skills: CV/resume, cover letter, interview advice, presentation advice and practice, grant writing, etc.
  • Connections with PH professionals in the DC Metro Area, Baltimore Region, State Level, UMD SPH Alumni
  • Mentoring program with UMD SPH Alumni and/or local public health practitioners

ACC Chair, Kyle Pietro

Social & Peer Engagement Committee (SPEC)

  • Peer networking
  • Non-academic social events
  • Midterm or finals stress management: yoga, or other exercise activities
  • Interest-specific gatherings (e.g., journal clubs, action groups, etc.)

Community Partnerships Committee (CPC)

  • Service-learning and volunteer activities 
  • Community engagement and research
  • Fieldwork opportunities

Get Connected!

For more information about GSPH, please contact the 2018-2019 Executive Board at or Lauren Kauffman at