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Maryland Council on Family Relations

MCFR, the University of Maryland affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations, focuses on issues that are relevant to families. MCFR provides a forum for students and professionals in the fields of family research, therapy, education, health, and policy to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships. MCFR establishes professional standards and works to promote family well-being. MCFR is dedicated to improving the quality of family while embracing the cultural diversity at the University of Maryland and in a wider context.

Eligibility and Membership Requirements

  • Affiliation with the Family Science Department, or a strong interest in Family Science
  • $5 annual membership fee.

Currently Activities

  • School Supply and Toiletry Drive
  • A Wider Circle Volunteer Day
  • Backpacks to Briefcases Professional Development event
  • Resume workshop Professional Development event
  • FMSC302 Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Maryland Day

MCFR’s Goals and Aims

  • Student support:
    • Facilitate mentoring relationships between entering and advanced students, and undergraduate and graduate students
    • Provide awards for research and service work that fosters professional development in family studies and/or recognizes outstanding achievement
  • Professional development:
    • Host seminars and panels that address family issues
    • Serve as a liaison between faculty and graduate student research projects and undergraduate research interests
    • Provide guidance and communications assistance for independent project teams
    • Provide guidance and contacts for careers with an FMSC degree

What Does MCFR offer?

  • Seminars and panels: Hear speakers address topics of interest to MCFR members
  • Community service projects: Get involved in the community on member-initiated projects
  • Family policy projects: Explore family issues at the community, state, and national level through member-initiated projects
  • Research projects: Link faculty, graduate and undergraduate students together on research projects initiated by members or faculty
  • Awards: Recognize undergraduate student efforts

Organization Officers: 2018-2019

  • Sam Allen (FMSC PhD), President
  • Ashley Pantaleao (FMSC PhD), Vice President
  • Sandra C. Quinn (PhD), Faculty Advisor

Contact us at with any questions. 

Vacancies are open for organization officers for Community Service, Family Policy/Advocacy, Research, & Professional Development. Information about MCFR elections will be available in mid-to-late spring. If you are interested in running for an MCFR officer position or would like to nominate someone, contact Ashley Pantaleao.

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