A revamped Master of Public Health (MPH) curriculum provides an integrated experience in which MPH and Master of Health Administration (MHA) students from all disciplines complete a set of core courses of 14 credits over three semesters together. These courses provide innovative instruction in a number of areas of public health, including data collection and analysis, policy, health care systems, communication, ethics and leadership. Students will also complete internships unique to the Maryland/DC region (the "Maryland Experience") and capstone projects within their chosen concentration area. The 45-credit program can be completed within two years for full-time students.    

The Maryland Experience highlights our School's "unfair advantage”—we are located within the Capital Beltway, with unparalleled access to the unique resources of Washington, D.C. From federal agencies, military organizations, and non-profits, to state and local agencies, MPH students at the University of Maryland indeed have the nation at their fingertips with the ability to engage in internship and practical experiences in areas with extraordinary potential to launch career paths. 

We encourage you to visit with our faculty and staff to see how the School of Public Health can transform your MPH experience into something truly distinct. 

The new integrated core: 

SPHL601, Core Concepts in Public Health, 1 cr. (limited to MPH/MHA students)
SPHL602, Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, 4 cr.
SPHL603, Public Health Data Laboratory, 1 cr.
SPHL610, Program and Policy Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation, 5 cr.
SPHL611, Public Health Ethics, 1 cr.
SPHL620, Leadership, Teams, and Coalitions: Policy to Advocacy, 2 cr.

Concentrations offered:
Each concentration is a 45-credit degree program.

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Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program

The Department of Health Policy and Management (formerly Health Services Administration) combines health care management with health services delivery systems to address issues in health care systems, health care delivery and management, health services policy, disparities in access to care, long term care, chronic disease, and disability care, and financing and economics in public health services delivery. The master's degree in Health Services Administration (MHA) is designed to give students a strong knowledge base in health care management and health service delivery systems and an understanding of the basic and core principles of public health.

Learn more about the Master of Health Administration degree on the Department of Health Policy and Management website. 

Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program Online

The Master of Health Administration (MHA-Online) is a 45-credit rigorous and multi-disciplinary the professional graduate program at the University of Maryland, College Park designed to prepare graduates to manage the many complex health-related organizations including hospitals, health care systems, insurance companies, long term care facilities, managed care organizations, rehabilitation agencies, public health clinics and state agencies among others.

Learn more about the Master of Health Administration Online degree on the Department of Health Policy and Management website. 


More Information

For more information about these programs, contact one of our graduate directors, or the SPH Graduate Admissions Director:

Brit Saksvig, PhD, MPH
(301) 405-2491

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