Background Information About the Program

The mission of the MPH program is to promote the development of behavioral and community health professionals who understand the science, theory, and practice of public health and can apply this knowledge toward the enhancement of health status of communities. The MPH program is designed as a professional degree to prepare behavioral and community health professionals working in public health service as:

  • practitioners
  • administrators
  • supervisors
  • educators
  • consultants
  • researchers

Students will participate in both academic and applied training in health behavior theory, program planning and implementation, program evaluation, health communication, public policy analysis, research, and management. To see a list of skills MPH graduates are expected to have upon graduation, review the MPH Essential Skills Table. 

Why Get an MPH in Behavioral and Community Health at the University of Maryland, College Park?

  • Ample opportunities to network and gain practical experience in one of the most prolific public health environments nationally!
  • We offer a rewarding, mentored, public health internship with organizations such as:
    • US Department of Health and Human Services
    • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
    • National Institute of Health (NIH)
    •  Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    • State and County Government Programs
    • Health Departments
    • Non-Government Organization's (NGO's)
    • Health Associations
    • Non Profit Associations

Students have access to a departmental internship database that includes organizations and contacts that have a history of mentoring DBCH students.   Depending on the student’s learning objectives, interests, and career aspirations, there are countless internship opportunities available that will support career goals and provide valuable networking connections.

BCH Graduate student

The MPH program may be completed either full-time or part-time. The majority of classes begin at 4:00 or 4:30pm Monday through Friday. On occasion, a class will begin at 7:00pm or will be held from 1:00-4:00pm, but those occasions are rare. The courses offered each semester vary and to get a full listing of current course offerings, go to 

All students must complete their degree within five (5) years in accordance with University of Maryland Graduate School policy.

For an outline of required coursework and additional requirements of the program, please go to MPH Program Guidelines (students who entered prior to Fall 2018).

For students who entered the MPH program in 2018 and later, please go to the current MPH Program Guidelines.