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SPH Experts in the News (COVID-19)

June 2022

Why Some Counties are Still Struggling to Vaccinate Residents Against COVID-19
ABC News | June 17, 2022
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

White House says it's Cutting Back Funding for COVID Tests. Why Experts say Americans may Pay the Price this Fall
USA Today | June 11, 2022
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

C.D.C. Dismisses Airborne Transmission of Monkeypox. Some Experts Disagree
The New York Times | June 10, 2022 
Quotes Don Milton 

Monkeypox Can Be Airborne, Too
The New York Times |  June 7, 2022
Quotes Don Milton 

May 2022 

Researchers Testing Light Technology that Could Protect Against the Next Pandemic
CBS News | May 10, 2022
Quotes Don Milton 

April 2022

A Fight Over Coronavirus Safety at Journalists’ Gala Event
The Washington Post | April 27, 2022
Quotes Don Milton 

We Have the Technology to Stop Superspreading Without Masks
The New York Times | April 21, 2022
Co-written by Don Milton

Covid hasn’t given up all its secrets. Here are 6 mysteries experts hope to unravel
STAT | April 19, 2022
Quotes Don Milton

Better ventilation would create a healthier workplace — but companies have to invest
NPR | April 19, 2022
Explores the implications and costs of the White House initiative encouraging schools and work sites to assess and improve their ventilation that was recommended by the Roadmap to Living With COVID-19 for which Don Milton was a contributing author

What do we know about “stealth omicron” so far?
STAT | April 12, 2022
Quotes Kristen Coleman

NIH required immunocompromised woman to remove her N95, highlighting CDC's conflicting mask guidance
Politico | April 5, 2022
Quotes Don Milton

March 2022

Saliva testing for COVID-19 quicker, safer than nasal swabs
Science Daily | March 21, 2022
Quotes Don Milton

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed after two years?
Associated Press | March 10, 2022
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Why are COVID vaccination rates still low in some countries?
Associated Press | March 3, 2022
Quotes Dina Borzekowski

February 2022

Nearly two years into the pandemic, the crowds are (almost) back to partying like it’s 2019
The Washington Post | February 27, 2022
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Coronavirus FAQ: I'm a one-way masker. What strategy will give me optimal protection?
NPR | February 25, 2022
Quotes Kristen Coleman

Is omicron leading us closer to herd immunity against COVID?
Associated Press | February 23, 2022
Quotes Don Milton

Youngkin’s Health Department fielded questions about science behind masks-optional policy
The Washington Post | February 20, 2022
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Should You Wear a Mask? What to Do as Mandates Roll Back
TIME | February 11, 2022
Quotes Don Milton

As states end mask rules, how to make the best choice for you and your family
WAMU | February 11, 2022
Features interview with Cynthia Baur

D.C.-area schools’ mask policies examined as more states rescind them
The Washington Post | February 10, 2022
Quotes Neil Sehgal

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Silver Lining: Leveraging the Expertise of Barbers & Stylists to Promote Health Equity & Create Healthier Communities
Physician’s Weekly | February 3, 2022
Written by Stephen Thomas

January 2022

Which masks are safest? Schools around the country struggle to answer
The Washington Post | January 28, 2022
Quotes Kristen Coleman

Want to keep omicron away? Wear a better mask, like the N95
Tampa Bay Times | January 26, 2022
Quotes Kristen Coleman

Coronavirus FAQ: What's the risk of catching omicron outdoors?
NPR | January 21, 2022
Quotes Don Milton

Health communication expert gives U.S. a “C” for pandemic performance
NPR Marketplace | January 18 2022
Interview with Cynthia Baur

D.C. Region Could Reach Peak In COVID Cases As Soon As Next Week, Health Experts Say
DCist | January 13, 2022 
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Montgomery County Council May Implement Vaccine Mandate To Enter Some Businesses
DCist | January 11, 2022 
Quotes Neil Sehgal

How do I know if I have a cold, the flu or COVID-19?
ABC News | January 7, 2022
Quotes Kristen Coleman

December 2021

Omicron is spreading at lightning speed. Scientists are trying to figure out why      
NPR | December 31, 2021 
Quotes Don Milton

D.C. had one of the lowest rates of coronavirus cases in the country. That has changed.       
The Washington Post l December 30, 2021
Quotes Don Milton

Vaccine gap between Black and White Americans narrowed, but it’s back for booster shots
The Washington Post l December 29, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Covid Updates: Omicron Drives New U.S. Virus Cases to a Daily Record
The New York Times l December 28, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Holiday Travel Begins As Covid Cases Rise
Newsy l December 22, 2021
Quotes Don Milton

The D.C. Region Is Shattering COVID Case Records
DCist | December 21, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal

I’m a scientist and this is why your face mask might NOT protect against Omicron – and the best to wear
The US Sun | December 21, 2021
Quotes Don Milton

What is the price of a life?’ The path ahead for health equity in Maryland and beyond
The US Sun | December 16, 2021
Quotes Stephen Thomas.

Md. health department faces second week of disruption from cyberattack
The Washington Post | December 13, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Local officials push coronavirus boosters and masks as omicron lands in Virginia
The Washington Post | December 9, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal

Maryland announces first three cases of omicron variant in the greater Washington region
Washington Post l December 3, 2021
Quotes Boris Lushniak

Omicron Is Moving Fast. Congress Is Moving Slow with Pandemic Prep.
Daily Beast l December 1, 2021
Quotes Boris Lushniak

November 2021

At-home Covid-19 tests are getting better. Experts say: Stock up for winter
Vox l November 23, 201
Quotes Neil Sehgal

COVID-19 hot spots offer sign of what could be ahead for US
AP | November 10, 2021
Quotes Don Milton

COVID-19 is nation's biggest cop killer, yet many officers are vaccine resistant
CBS News | November 9, 2021
Quotes Sandra Quinn.

UMD researchers lead project on boosting health literacy in underserved communities
The Diamondback | November 8, 2021
Discusses new “Lifting All Voices” project from the Horowitz Center, quotes Cynthia Baur

Backlash over US police vaccine mandates has not fueled crime surge, experts say
The Guardian | November 2, 2021
Quotes Sandra Quinn.

Montgomery County Will Phase Out Mask Mandate Once 85% Of Population Is Fully Vaccinated
DCist | November 2, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal.

AstraZeneca Awards 30 Nonprofit Organizations through the ACT on Health Equity Community Solutions Challenge to Actively Address Health Disparities
Business Wire | November 1, 2021
Quotes Stephen Thomas.

October 2021

With pandemic exposing health disparities, Maryland launches health equity commission
The Diamondback | October 28, 2021
Quotes Jennifer Roberts and Stephen Thomas.

The flu proves more deadly for children of color than for White youths, study says
The Washington Post | October 11, 2021
Interview with Stephen Thomas and Sandra Quinn 

Prince George's County Imposes Mask Mandate for Children Aged 2 to 5
The Washington Post | October 6, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

As Coronavirus Cases Mount and Vaccine Mandates Spread, Holdouts Plague Police and Fire Departments
The Washington Post | October 2, 2021
Quotes Sandra Quinn 

Is the Coronavirus Getting Better at Airborne Transmission?
The New York times | October 1, 2021
Quotes Don Milton 

September 2021

Here’s What You Need To Know About Vaccine Booster Distribution In The Washington Region
DCist | September 28, 2021
Interview with Neil Sehgal 

Heading Into Another Pandemic Fall, Experts Say Case Trajectory Hinges On Improved Vaccination Rates
DCist | September 24, 2021
Interview with Neil Sehgal 

Washington-area leaders say they’re prepared for coronavirus vaccine booster shots
The Washington Post | September 23, 2021
Interview with Neil Sehgal 

Severe COVID-19 may trigger autoimmune conditions; New variants cause more virus in the air
Reuters | September 22, 2021
Research and quotes from Don Milton

3 new studies support arguments for a Pfizer booster - right before the FDA is set to debate a 3rd shot for fully vaccinated Americans
CNN | September 17, 2021
Interview with Don Milton 

Hospitalizations up in the Washington region as patients seek treatment for the coronavirus, delayed care 
The Washington Post | September 13, 2021
Interview with 
Neil Sehgal

The Plan to Stop Every Respiratory Virus at Once
The Atlantic | September 7, 2021
Interview with Don Milton 

6 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus
Reader's Digest | September 7, 2021
Interview with Boris Lushniak 

White House Official Visits to Review Mobile County Vaccination Efforts
NBC 15 News | September 1, 2021
Research and initiatives from Stephen B. Thomas.

August 2021

The Memo: COVID Frustrations Rise Alongside Delta Surge, School Reopenings
The Hill | August 31st, 2021
Quotes by Neil Sehgal 

National Minority Quality Forum Hosts Live Conversation Featuring Barber and Stylist COVID-19 Vaccine Activists 
WBOC | August 30, 2021
Research and initiatives from Stephen B. Thomas.

As Maryland records COVID vaccination milestone, elevated infection count continues
The Baltimore Sun | August 29, 2021
Quotes by 
Neil Sehgal 

These are the particles that contain the highest concentration of COVID-19
World Economic Forum l August 25, 2021
Research from Don Milton and Kristen Coleman 

Get Shots or Get Out, U.S. Employers Are Telling Workers
Bloomberg | August 25, 2021
Sandra Quinn

Flu Deaths Are More Common in Children of Color, Study Finds
Consumer Reports | August 24, 2021
Sandra Quinn

The Memo: Boos for Trump show scale of vaccine challenge
The Hill | August 24, 2021
Neil Sehgal 

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine gets full FDA approval, potentially persuading the hesitant to get a shot
The Washington Post | August 23, 2021
Sandra Quinn 

As COVID Lingers, How Can Health Communications Be Improved?
Governing | August 23, 2021
Cynthia Baur 

You’ve Been Vaccinated. Now Prove It.
PEW Stateline | August 20, 2021
Neil Sehgal 

New studies hint that the coronavirus may be evolving to become more airborne
Science News | August 17, 2021
Research by Don Milton and Kristen Coleman 

Donald Milton on aerosol transmission of COVID 
Salon | August 15, 2021
Interview of Don Milton 

How D.C. Residents Are Readjusting To Life With Delta 
DCist | August 15, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

Faculty worry about crowded classes in nation's hottest COVID hotspot
Inside Higher Ed | August 12, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

Most severe covid cases, deaths in DMV region are among the unvaccinated 
The Washington Post | August 11, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

Latino vaccination rates are high in one Maryland County. A cartoon grandmother helped
The Washington Post | August 8, 2021
Quotes Sandra Quinn 

Op/ed: How Delta Has Changed the Game
Maryland Today | August 6, 2021
Written by Neil Sehgal 

July 2021

How Contagious Is the Delta Variant?
The Wall Street Journal | July 30, 2021
Quotes Don Milton

Maryland Hair Salons, Barbershops Lead Vaccination Efforts Among Black Community
WBUR | July 30, 2021
Interview with Stephen B. Thomas 

Rising virus rates in D.C., Alexandria have officials considering mask mandates anew
Washington Post | July 29, 2021 
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

A Vaccine with that Haircut? Barber Shops and the Fight Against COVID-19
Johns Hopkins Public Health On Call Podcast | July 28, 2021
Interview with Stephen B. Thomas 

Rising virus rates in D.C., Alexandria have officials considering mask mandates anew
Washington Post | July 28, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger
The New York Times | July 27, 2021 
Quotes Stephen B. Thomas 

Breakthrough cases are extremely rare. Here's what it's like to be one of them
The Washington Post | July 24, 2021
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

Is it too soon for the return of the handshake? An expert weighs in
WTOP News | July 23, 2021
Interview with Boris Lushniak 

Post-holiday blip or new trend? Covid cases slowly tick up across the region 
Washington Post | July 15, 2021 
Quotes Neil Sehgal 

Outreach at barbershops and salons to quell COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy 
CBS News | July 13, 2021
Interview with 
Stephen B. Thomas 

Delta Variant: 'The battle ahead of us' 
CNN (Amanpour & Co.| July 12, 2021
Interview with 
Boris Lushniak 

Meet Maryland's Secret Weapon In The Battle To Close The Latino Vaccination Gap 
Washington Post | July 7, 2021
Neil Sehgal 

Vaccinated US health experts are wearing masks indoors as the Delta variant spreads 
Business Insider | July 2, 2021 
Quotes Don Milton 

Mental Health Law Named For Congressman Jamie Raskin’s Son Takes Effect 
WAMU | July 1, 2021 
Interview with 
Elizabeth Aparicio 

Hair Salons In Prince George’s County Are National Models For COVID Vaccine Distribution
DCist | June 21, 2021
Interview with 
Stephen B. Thomas