Dean's Office Organization Chart (updated January 2019)


Boris D. Lushniak, MD, MPH
2242 SPH Building

Erin McClure
Chief of Staff

Administrative Operations

Anagha Sridhara

Administrative Coordinator
2242 SPH Building
(301) 405-1362

Academic Affairs

Stephen M. Roth
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(301) 405-2504

Colleen (Coke) M. Farmer 
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education
(301) 405-2473

Public Health Science

Stephen M. Roth
Director, Public Health Science program
(301) 405-2504

Diversity and Inclusion

Erin McClure
Chief Diversity Officer and Chief of Staff
2242M SPH Building

Educational Innovation

Robert Gold
Director of Educational Innovation 
2234S SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-0271

Faculty Affairs

Bradley Hatfield
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs 
2351 SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2485


Dushanka Kleinman
Associate Dean for Research
(301) 405-7201

Dawn Rode Schettino
Director of Research Administration
2312 SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2494

Lewis Todd Swartz
Coordinator, Research Administration
2316 SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2854

Undergraduate Student Affairs

Erin Thiel Caporellie, Director, Center for Academic Success and Achievement (
SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-2545 x2242

Jaime Oliver, Academic Advisor (
SPH Bldg.

For more information, please visit the Center for Academic Success and Achievement

University Career Center @ SPH

Position open 

Graduate Student Affairs

Brit Saksvig, PhD, MPH
Graduate Director
(301) 405-2491

For department and program specific inquiries, please contact the appropriate graduate program director.

Development and Alumni Relations

Jennifer Schwartz
Assistant Dean for Development
(301) 405-2918

Communications and Marketing

Kelly Blake
Assistant Dean
2242F SPH Bldg.
(301) 405-9418

Bemnet (Bem) Faris
Communications and Media Manager
2242W SPH Bldg.

Kirian Villalta
Graphic Designer and Creative Media Coordinator
2242W SPH Bldg.

Communications office webpage

Facilities and Technology

Visit the SPH Solutions Center for facilities/IT requests and information.

Mary Shelley
Director of Information Technology
(301) 405-2440

Andrew McCarty
Senior IT Project Manager & Specialist
(301) 405-0297

Jonathan Catron
IT Coordinator
(301) 405-9825

Alex Mateik
Facilities Coordinator 
(301) 314-0710

Finance and Administrative Services

Amanda Grimes
Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
2242C SPH Bldg.

Jessica Duque
Assistant Director, Finance and Administration
2442 SPH Bldg. 
(301) 405-2637