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Portrait of Kerry Weil Tripp

Kerry Weil Tripp

Principal Lecturer, Family Science
Portrait of Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Associate Professor, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
Portrait of Rodman Turpin

Rodman Turpin

Assistant Research Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Portrait of Lee Vander Velden

Lee Vander Velden

Retired Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Portrait of Kathryn Vincent Carr

Kathryn Vincent Carr

Director of Operations, Center on Young Adult Health and Development and Office of Planning and Evaluation

Portrait of Caitlin Waite

Caitlin Waite

Program Administrative Specialist, Office of the Dean
Portrait of Jacqueline Wallen

Jacqueline Wallen

Associate Professor Emerita, Family Science
Portrait of Min Qi Wang

Min Qi Wang

Professor, Behavioral and Community Health
Portrait of Rhonda Washington-Lewis

Rhonda Washington-Lewis

Clinical Research Manager | Lab Instructor
Portrait of Kellee White

Kellee White

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management
Portrait of Whitney Whitfield

Whitney Whitfield

Business Services Specialist
Portrait of Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson

Student Services Coordinator, Office of the Dean