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Portrait of Katie Hippen

Katie Hippen

Faculty Assistant, Center on Young Adult Health and Development
Faculty Assistant, Office of Planning and Evaluation
Portrait of Jennifer Hodgson

Jennifer Hodgson

Associate Clinical Professor, Public Health Science
Program Director, Public Health Science at Shady Grove
Portrait of Sandra L. Hofferth

Sandra L. Hofferth

Professor Emerita, Family Science
Portrait of Rose Hoffman

Rose Hoffman

Coordinator, Office of the Dean
Portrait of Filbert Hong

Filbert Hong

Senior Faculty Specialist, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
Portrait of Alice Horowitz

Alice Horowitz

Associate Research Professor, Behavioral and Community Health
Portrait of Donna E. Howard

Donna E. Howard

Associate Professor, Behavioral and Community Health
Portrait of Joan S. Hult

Joan S. Hult

Professor Emerita, Kinesiology
Portrait of Ben F. Hurley

Ben F. Hurley

Professor Emeritus, Kinesiology
Portrait of Ghaffar Ali Hurtado Choque

Ghaffar Ali Hurtado Choque

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Family Science
Portrait of Seppo E. Iso-Ahola

Seppo E. Iso-Ahola

Professor, Kinesiology
Portrait of Devlon N. Jackson

Devlon N. Jackson

Assistant Research Professor, Behavioral and Community Health